toni tran: fashitect extraordinaire

Toni Tran, who I met for the first time on Day 6 (Men's Day) of this season's London Fashion Week, is a student of architecture. So when he told me he calls his blog FASHITECT.. I just laughed at the brilliance of it. (My friend Lisa, in NY, always wanted to go out with a chef - or an Italian guy - or an architect. When she started seeing an Italian architect who is a good cook, I had to start calling him the Archtichef). But I digress. Actually, I just think Toni Tran is, without doubt, one of the most talented, original, self stylists I've met, since I started this blog.

Take, for example, his trousers. THEY ARE A SHIRT. This is a tip that would work well for women as well as men. I know everyone's already wearing a shirt as skirt (no one even knows who first started it), it always looks a bit.. like you've tied a shirt around your waste to make it like a skirt. But this.. I'm sorry, but this is fashion genius.

I'd done my first designer interview the day before, backstage with David Koma after his show. I had asked him if he was influenced by architecture - because his clothes, to me, seemed architectural. (He wasn't, particularly). I'm not surprised that Toni is studying architecture, because the same principles of balance and proportion that apply to designing buildings, apply to styling one's person. That's why - I feel - people with good style are often good cooks, or excel in other art forms, like music or painting.

Because creativity is often, I feel, a question of choices: of, simply put, good taste. That, combined with a generous dose of self belief, and confidence.

And just how amazing is the reflection in his sunglasses in this shot? I didn't realise that til after: it feels like the most amazing, surrealistic Renaissance painting.

Toni Tran is wearing:
All saints iowa cardigan,
H&M t-shirt, my mum's pijama trousers as a scarf like thing.
New look necklace, Topshop glasses
Customized John White england shoes

But even more incredibly, CHECK OUT HIS BLOG. I mean, for example, look how he styled himself HERE. This wasn't, it turns out, even necessarily his best outfit. The guy just blew me away with his talent, his friendliness, his professionalism, and his modesty.


Matthew Spade said...

he has it going on doesn't he, i've seen the chap a couple of times now. architecture would have been something i would have loved to study. i mean, when ever i visit anywhere now i'm just constantly looking up and taking pics, telling anyone i'm with to "look at that". such an interesting subject

The Foolish Aesthete said...

I've missed out on a lot of great posts while I was away and Toni just caught my eye! I had come across him in other blogs too. This guy is just brilliant -- I mean, the shirt sleeves as leggings ... and those sunglasses couldn't have framed the view better!

Anyway, your point about talent spilling over into other areas is so true. At least, that's the way it is with the most interesting people. I can't think of anyone I find truly interesting who is only one-dimensional. I mean, even Einstein resorted to his violin to get his grey matter inspired! xx

wobblinbetty said...

amazing! off to checkhis blog!!!