happiness is contagious

What have you done so far today, to spread some around? Would you care to share it with the class?

Shot backstage at the fabulous, brilliant David Koma show, 20 September 2011, at the Topshop Waterloo Eurostar venue. More to come on this series, especially the delightful Karolina, who's been in contact - 'the active girl', who was infecting everyone she came in contact with.

Off to spread a bit of sunshine around on an overcast day. And to write, write, write! xoxo


Style At Every Age said...

Happiness is contagious, in the same way a bad mood is. I hate being around moody people! Lovely shot!

ediot said...

stunning photos jill!
im so happy today cause i love my job

Lauren said...

Beautiful girls. It is contagious - their great smiles make me want to smile, too.

The Styleseer

Unknown said...

I sometimes think people must think I'm mad as I do tend to smile at everyone....I like smiling though, it makes people's faces look so much nicer :) Really like these pictures, the girls look very relaxed and happy! Today I made a guy smile by pulling a funny face at him through a train window....I like being daft sometimes :)


San said...

Couldn't agree more with thingsandstuff. Smiles are very important. And wow what amazing smiles those are. Great shots, seems like they've had a great time.

So what did I do to make someone happy: create some art and getting the stuff together for a birthday gift. And today I did a post on a calming place and some good humor in this world.

Enjoy your day.

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Jill, I love the pictures: their smiles are so spontaneous and contagious.

I've been working and travelling so much that I didn't have much time for blogging, which is a thing that indeed makes me very happy and smiley!


jill said...

I love these comments so much! Not the quantity, the quality ; )

Thingsandstuff: I couldn't comment on your blog but I love what you wrote - and anyone reading this, check out her blog: I love her sense of humour.

San: I must run out this minute but I can't wait to read your post on a calming place and good humour in this world.

Not Just a Pretty Dress: SO IMPORTANT to get away from our blogs. It's like any relationship: absence makes the heart grow fonder. Totally agree. We don't want to start resenting posting: it's meant to be fun and the one place where we can just have total creative freedom.

Lauren, Ediot, Fab... yes totally. Thank you! xox