juxtaposition 22.09.11: dots and spots

Shot within 20 minutes, consecutively. Was meeting my friend Georgina (The Glitter Bird: you've seen me post her before - she is brilliant in every sense, and her tweets make me laugh so much - she's the one who found the fashion week on acid post). I was early and this group of fun women came up to me to interview me for something, on film (I don't have the literature - and I haven't heard from them since!) and while they did - and I took some fun shots of them - they found this Girl in the Polka Dot Dress. I'd already shot a girl at LFW in a similar dress - her post is next - but I didn't get a chance to meet her, because she was being filmed, and I was meeting Georgie.

Who was sporting these leopard print trousers, and sparkling new, back to school shiny loafers, from Office. I only realised afterwards, the black/navy/white spotted proportion to warm, burgundy brown made for an interesting juxtaposition. IMHO.

Speaking of glitter: has anyone else noticed, the hysteria for glitter shoes, as brought on by Miu Miu, has reached epic proportions. I see that Office has a pair of brogues, in blue, for £62, but my friend Estelle had her pair for much less, from Primark. Actually... her post is next, the polka dot trend will just have to wait.

OMG! I just noticed, Georgie's shoes - the DILLY MILLY, in Burgundy Patent - are now on sale, for 32 quid. I want them. Don't tell George.

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O D Y S S E Y said...

i hadn't noticed the hysteria for glitter shoes but i'm out of the trend loop these days. i can't help but think of dorothy in "the wizard of oz". weren't her shoes red and glittery? :)
the lady in the polka dress is really chic! i also noticed her dotted nails.