backstage: the pretty girl

It's probably stating the obvious: models are meant to be pretty.

But when I was backstage after a show at fashion week, shooting more from an anthropological standpoint: watching the humans interact, the models and the non-models (and I'll be doing posts on them, too: they often have a beauty all their own) - and you see that they're just girls, being all warm and happy and, well, girly together.

And then there's, invariably, the Pretty Girl.

We all know who she is: she was born different. She was always a bit separate from the group. Nice - very nice - but somehow more grown up. Emotionally self reliant. Not quite a girl's girl: not a bitch, just not seeming to need the sisterhood as much.

Maybe I was reading too much into this story - it was just a frenzy of shooting, and maybe her BFFs forever were already changed and waiting for her outside. But when I caught this girl on camera, she was alone. I asked her permission, of course, and she tried to explain to me why she was still there - something to do with trying to untangle her hair (where are the hairdressers AFTER, I ask you? When you really need them?) but I got this feeling that it must be a bit lonely, being the prettiest girl in a room of the pretty girls.

We all have our crosses to bear in life, and granted, there are worse hardships to overcome, but I feel for her. She's going to have already experienced envy from other girls, and men being nice to her for the 'wrong' reasons.. I wish her well, this anonymous, nice, Pretty Girl.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, there is that saying, something along the lines of, "More tears run down a pretty face than a plain"...

She certainly IS gorgeous, lucky lady. And I'm loving the look of the fuller brows these days. I may not be able to copy the skinny, non-touching thighs or the chiseled cheekbones, but the full Brooke Shields brows I can do! :)


ODYSSEY said...

I like her brows, too. She really is an exquisite beauty.

Alyssa said...

she is indeed pretty <3 I have been browsing your blog, and I really like it especially the photos! I'm following you now in Bloglovin to always get the latest updates from your blog.

Also, thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll :)

Style Vanity

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Hi Jill!

Well, she is lovely, in such a natural, no-need-to-be-polished-up way.

Thank you so much for your thoughts! I was actually planning to swing by here last night but it just got too late. It was really nice to see the swan photo in my inbox. Today, I took a walk by the lake (since I'm still not back to running) with camera in tow. No swans, but several geese and ducks by the creek going with the flow, literally. It was really funny to see the ducks hop onto the current from the banks as if it were a water-park ride.

Sorry to hear of your Photobucket problems. It seems from your last post, it's finally resolved. Brings to mind the jeweler who put in a new watch battery for me yesterday. He said he hated his computer so much, that the last time he replaced it, he took the old one to the firing range and shot it for target practice!

Love and hugs back over the ocean ...

J xxx

Lily said...

To be honest, I'm rather disappointed that your 'Pretty Girl' looks so typical. Yes, she's very pretty, but she's also white, blonde, and blue-eyed.

Where's the dark-skinned girl with stunning almond-shaped eyes, who grew up being told that she wasn't pretty because she *wasn't* white, blonde, or blue-eyed? And who realized that she was stunningly beautiful anyway, on her own terms? I'd rather see her.

jill said...

Hi Lily, I agree. I used the phrase 'the pretty girl' with a touch of irony, exactly because of what you said.

I also mentioned I'd be doing posts of the NON models backstage - and watch this space, I've also got some absolutely stunning models coming up who aren't white, blonde, or blue eyed.

In fact.. I think you've just inspired a post. Keep an eye out for one soon, entitled 'for Lily'! ; )

Thank you. This is why I'm still keeping my blog: for this exact kind of conversation.

Lily said...

Jill, that sounds wonderful, I can't wait to see the post :)

jill said...

So glad you happened to come back and read my long comment, Lily! I couldn't find a way to contact you - but I did try! ; )

Post coming up..

sigridurr said...

beautiful blog! its wonderful!xx

jill said...

Thank you, 'two-lungs' ! Curious with your name, I just went to your blog - YOURS is wonderful, and I've just added you to my roll so I can find you again easily. xo