red lilps: juxtaposition

Shot within minutes of one another. Backstage, at fashion week.

I had named the top shot 'red lilps' and, what can I say. It made me smile.

Tomorrow's the sneak preview press day, Bowie show @ the V&a. SO psyched! Going with Pips Taylor and the pinch.tv crew. Charging my little vintage Canon, hope the sweet little thing can hold up for a few hours. Is it just me, or is life getting interesting?


daisychain said...

Oh Jill,

Have THE most amazing time at the Bowie exhibition,
I am SOOOO jealous.


Hummingbird Girl said...

Have a nice day sweetie, lovely pictures

jill said...

Thank you - Daisychain and Hummingbird Girl, very fitting combination! - off there shortly xo