cat's eyes

Still life with cat. Except the cat wouldn't stay still.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to do a photo shoot with a cat? He was trying to co-operate, he really was, but he didn't get the concept that he was meant to WEAR the sunglasses, not eat them.

Cat's eye sunglasses by GANT. They've launched a fabulous collection of sunglasses, for men and women. Really well made, good quality, something for everyone. Even cats.


Emily said...

Oh my gosh - your cat is beautiful!! :) xx

Roxanne van de Zanden said...

Love it!

mtg said...

You would not have any problem if your cat was a large realistic toy like here:

it sat perfectly still ;)
Also, I'm convinced your cat is somehow related to my dog. They look very much alike. I'll show you on facebook.

Hummingbird Girl said...

Love them sunglasses !!! And your cat is so cute, lovely.