let there be light

What a wonderful world.

After a few idyllic days in the English countryside, swimming in the most magic heated outdoor pool of a beautiful friend, who is very private (I wish I could show you the photos), back to London and off to the John Lewis Christmas in July press day with my lovely friend Lina.

It was a great party. Great food, (more about that later) and sampling some of the John Lewis brands, including yummy tidbits and marmalades by Cartwright & Butler - I love their packaging, and the roquefort cheese melts, these yummy crispy little balls that do melt in your mouth - Nigel, the sweetest man who works with the brand, said it's because they use real butter. And the packaging is superb.

Tthen, lo & behold, I saw the design solution to what my husband and I have been searching for.

We have this entrance stairway, and we've wanted to hang one perfect lightbulb from a pretty old fashioned rose, as a lighting feature. We've been going back and forth on what the bulb should look like, and who knew that a press event should provide the solution. For £45, we get the Plumen Pentant Set, hire an electrician, buy a rose from B&Q, and Bob's your uncle.

Now it just remains to pray for a peaceful solution in Egypt, because my dear friend Natayla, who lived in London, was raised and schooled in Geneva, and is now married (also to an Egyptian) and living in Cairo. On Tahrir Square. And our new friend and neighbour, who just moved in last week, is also Egyptian. It's an interesting time to be alive, that's for sure.

Thank you to Sally & Jo at RainPR for inviting us: more coming up.


daisychain said...

As much as I hate thinking about it, I'm also kind of gutted I can't make any of the Christmas in July events (not least because I am dying to meet you!)

jill said...

Aw, Daisy, me too! Wish I could whisk you to London - you'd have LOVED this one.

ODYSSEY said...

Jill, the mood here in your photos is sooo relaxing. Nice theme, the lights. Very pretty.

Katie said...

Love the photos! Peaceful and glamorous, love the lights

voucher uk said...

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