being green

Dotted at the Duke of York Plaza, near Sloane Square: Elizabeth & her boyfriend. We love the long green scarf (another colour, besides mustard and hot pink, that we expect to see used creatively this spring), and the great white jumper that matches her brilliant smile. Her denim cut-offs are great over black tights with her long legs & cool burgundy boots. We're seeing a lot of interesting versions of shorts with tights & boots - great way to ease into spring.
Update: Elizabeth has just told me: the Boyfriend's name is Richard, she's Danish & works in conservation - so the green theme is a bit of serendipity. Her jumper is from Camden Town but she can't remember where she got the boots - she fell in love with them when she was out buying Christmas presents. Lucky she's got a tall boyfriend to match.

Also at the Duke of York Plaza: Emma. She's a doctor. A real doctor. Now, for those of you who don't live in a country with a National Health Service, even doctors - ESPECIALLY doctors - have to shop smart these days. 
Emma's fur trimmed green jacket is from Zara, shoes from Topshop, grey cardigan from H&M. We love the NHS: where else in the world would you find such cool, stylish doctors?


StyleSpy said...

Hah! My doctor is in his late 50's and favors argyle sweater vests and bow ties -- a snappy dresser in his own way, but he's no Emma!

Anonymous said...

Emma looks great

Anonymous said...

So does Elizabeth! Lucky her, she's got the right legs to wear shorts and tights. Her boyfriend's cute, too.