unmasked: all a twitter

Face masks: it's what everyone's twittering on about. As of this posting, no one knows which way this is going to go, and I don't want to make light of the subject. For all we know, in a few weeks time all we'll be able to do is blog because we can't leave our homes.

Was on the street with my friend Kimber, when a woman walked by in a face mask. Turns out she's a journalist: Jasmine Gardner. Read all about it in today's Evening Standard. (My friend Adrienne said 'you must have press radar' because of the Obama thing). Here's my shot of Jasmine, with a couple of cowboys snogging in the corner, seemingly unconcerned about transmitting swine flu. I've noticed a lot of black dresses this week, often with black lace tights. Let's just hope it's not a premonition. Not to make light of things, girls: remember, wash your hands often, cover your mouth with a hanky when you sneeze, and avoid the Tube, which I'd do anyway. Those double-decker buses are so much more scenic, and oh so cute!
Similar look, without the face mask. This is Jade, dotted outside H&M on a break with her friend (they work there - both absolutely charming) - just steps away from Jasmine in her mask. Which is it, girls: mask, or un?

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Anonymous said...

I'm more the unmasked type. TPx