you can lead a horse to water

Each season, the industry predicts a few trends that we never see on the street -  or anyone's body. It's a horse and water thing, I've noticed. Some styles they just can't make us drink. For example: I predict we are not going to wear harem pants. Has anyone out there bought any? If so: are your labels still on them? Have you worn them? Why'd you buy? To hide figure flaws? I mean: they don't even look good on models!

Okay, that's my rant for the day. I can be totally wrong - might just be my own taste. But my friends aren't wearing them, nor am I seeing them on the street. Someone out there, please: prove me wrong! If you send me a shot of someone looking good in them, I'll put it up. Cross my heart!


Anonymous said...

I agree. If they're meant to hide a big bum, it doesn't work. They can't give them away.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I really, really, really hated them at first. After seeing them worn on some bloggers, I realized they weren't so bad. I don't like the drop crotch versions, but the other ones with the fuller bottoms can be flattering.

Horse Saddles said...

it's good corner...i agree