tip top topshop top tip (or, all that glitters might be goldin)

Went to the Tate Britain with my husband recently and saw, incongruously, a fabulous exhibit of altermodernist art. According to the manifesto, it's even more modern than postmodern, because apparently postmodern is dead. Ironic they installed it in the lovely old Tate, cause they have all that space in the Tate Modern. It's still on and there's the most brilliant video installation that's a rant on conspiracy theories.. worth going to, if you're in town, just for that. I'm definitely going back.

While there, met Jo, originally from Japan, with Chris, wearing a great top from Topshop, (last season) by a designer named Louise Goldin. I'm curious about her. Does anyone know her?* I love the way Jo made the look uniquely her own, over what looks like a traditional woven skirt, skinny straight leg jeans, and metallic ballet pumps.

(*Wow, that was fast. Minute later: bless Amy @ StyleSpy - she's directed me to all things Goldin. I'm an instant fan! And lucky me - we live in London - I'm going to find where she sells her wares. With God as my witness, I'll never go Goldinless again.)


StyleSpy said...

Goldin's knits are fantastic -- she's an absolute artist in the form.

Check here:

and here:

Anonymous said...

great look

Anonymous said...

Love that look! Love that top! Does Louise Goldin sell in the states?
- Jasmin

Anonymous said...

Yeah, looks great. Goldin's stuff

roxanna said...

Love her knits.

sophie said...

always loved Goldin

Anonymous said...

wicked photo, I love the outfit!
Thanks for the comment on my blog. If I can recall louise goldin is stocked in Libertys and dover street market.