louis, louis

Saw Paulette from Paris dashing past Chanel @ Brompton Cross. It takes real balls to combine classic Burberry plaid scarf, red nail polish, Louis Vuitton black monogram Speedy bag, Gucci logo belt buckle..God knows which designer jeans... but it works somehow on her.  Maybe because there's some relief from the pattern-on-pattern with the simple, crisp white shirt and dark, skinny leg jeans... or maybe it's simply that element of irony & FUN (repeat after me, Girls: this isn't the G20 summit, it's just fashion).

I didn't even realise until I got the film developed (yes, I shoot with real film - my dad's old Spotmatic from the sixties) that even her LOAFERS have designer logos on it - I think it might be Louis, as well. That's TWO LOUIS's in one look! 


Anonymous said...

She's almost broken the record for labels. It's all happening!

Anonymous said...

Gotta lurve that bag!!

Unknown said...

This designer labeled logo lady's breakin out - got the Spring fashion fever street beat. signed, stylinguru New York City K