postcards from palm beach: all the news that's fit to print

Along with this fascination with hot pink (more about that later), the ubiquitous all white/black/neutral uniform, and neon brights (especially green) with white, we're seeing a lot of pattern marching down Worth Avenue this season. Part of the reason is the classic Lily Pulitzer shift dress - she's back, got a shop in town, and is bigger than ever. This (above) is a good example of a classic print shift dress - might be by LP, but everyone's doing a version in PB.

And, of course, Tory Burch, the new(ish) kid on the block, is doing fabulous modern spins on that classic concept. I've even noticed a few rather.. large girls not at all afraid to wear big bold patterns. With confidence.

Hey: I'm not condoning the trend, girls, I'm simply reporting the news. Please, don't shoot the messenger.

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