case closed!

Okay, some of you might recall the lovely Lucy, who was out with Wallace when I dotted them on Gloucester Road way back on the 24th of March. It was a cold day and she was mostly in black, with a great, bit grey flannel type bag, and had these sweet pumps in the kind of nude pink we're all looking forward to wearing lots more of come real spring. I was having trouble sourcing them.

Well Lucy has just got in touch! She DID get them at Liberty - at the Christmas sale - and the brand is Solea. You all probably know about this, but I'd never heard of them. According to Lucy, they're quite common - she might have seen them at Harrods, too. They're sold at Kurt Geiger online, but not that exact style. The ones shown here are the Sindy Pink Courts*, supposedly were £119 ($222 USD) but now the extraordinary price of £19- must be a typo!

* http://www.kurtgeiger.com/online-shop/15367-solea-sindy

But I still like Lucy's best. Guess we'll have to hold out for eBay, or Oxfam.

The weird thing is, this all happened while Mr. Dot & I were watching rented DVDs of the Wire. It's all quite.. mysterious.

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Mona said...

Jill I think you site is fun! love that you are locating the sources of some of the things people are wearing. you've got a great eye.