biker chic

Saw Jo in the changing room - we'd both gone for a swim after Arup's great yoga class. Love the effortless layering, sandals with leggings & topped off with a great leather jacket, in this season's colour scheme of hints of yellow. Accessorised of course with head gear: safety first!

She was a good sport about letting me shoot her before zipping off on her bicycle. Speaking of which: Arup also builds bicycle wheels (see 'nice things'), bringing this full circle. It was all very zen & the art of motorcycle maintenance!


Anonymous said...

Great Jacket! Where's it from?

Anonymous said...

love this look!

arup said...

There's something very cool about the way she's looking down. Like a sort of bow and curtsey in one. Was she at my class too?

Zara said...

Leggings are a little over-exposed nowadays but they actually look really fresh with the birkenstocks - two things that shouldn't work together but do! I definitely need more yellow in my wardrobe - bring on the british spring! :)

jill said...

I agree, Geisharock, by last fall I thought we'd seen the last of leggings, but this spring so far - I don't know where you are - but in London, we're seeing people wearing them in new ways. Birkenstocks are brilliant - or as the Style Section of the Times said, with fierce shoes or high heels.. it's not over til the fat lady sings in them, basically.

And yes, Arup, she told me she was - her name is Jo - but I switched to a blackberry on 02 and lost her number!! If you see her please give her my details, thanks!

- P. Dot

Tiffany Ling Tse said...

This is a really refreshing look... not done up, on the go, with the sandals and leggings, wet hair, and a touch of bright yellow! I like it!