dot's inverse shoe proportion theory

There was a time - certainly during my first year of this blog as 'StreetStyle London' - that I'd risk getting run over to catch someone for a photo. Now, like a cat that is no longer a kitten, I'm happier to sleep all day, yawn, bathe myself, and yeah, once in a while, chase a mouse.

Metaphorically speaking. Not literally. I don't chase mice.

But when I saw these two crossing the street.. I don't know whether I'm slowing down cause I'm two years older than when I started my blog, or if that day, I was just feeling a bit shy (it happens). In any case - I only got this one shot.

Have you noticed, in your neck of the woods, that there's a kind of inverse proportion with shoes? It used to be - back in 2009 - that the shoes were the most expensive item - huge platform Acne-esque statement shoes. Drama drama drama, and everything from the ankle up could be pretty bland, or casual. Now, the looks I'm loving the most are dresses, or skirts, with bare legs and Converse. And I'm loving this kind of skirt - it's oh so fifties, so La Dolce Vita. I've got a lovely beige silk striped skirt that I've had forEVER - I so want to wear it now, with converse and a blouse, tucked in and belted. Or, a tee.

I was wearing some of my custom made Jackie O dresses for a few days in a row, with bare legs and my cream coloured Convesre, until I developed huge blisters in my heels. I'd been going sans socks, and Mr. Dot said why don't you wear tennis socks? I thought I wasn't allowed - until on closer inspection, I realised this girl got away with it.

Which was my alternative title choice: The Girl Who Got Away.


Irusja said...

The skirt is fabulous!


Lauren said...

Yes, Converse do seem to be the shoes of the moment. Sometimes they look great, like on this girl. Somtimes not so much. Love the skirt!

The Styleseer

Anonymous said...

Love this Jill - I'm an advcoate of dresses + skirts with converse as they're always my go to shoe being flat + oh so comfy without looking boring or grannyish! So much so that I own four pairs! And I always go for trainer socks with mine in Summer and bright tights in Winter. I wouldn't advise going barefoot as I too have had some horrible blisters in the past and it just is't worth it.

Life and Styling said...

I love converse, and they seem to be really "in fashion" at the moment, even though they've been around for aagess. Plus, they go with almost any outfit - as demonstrated here! Great blog!

Good Wear Day

Emily (aka Shopgirl!) said...

Think we've talked about this before and both declared our love for Converse!! I love the skirt/dress and Converse look. I just got a new pair of Converse which have a flatter sole and am living in them :) xx

Clazzerati said...

Oh i'm such a fan of pairing Converse with dresses and skirts and bare legs. It makes riding my bike so much easier for a start (!), but I also think it makes an outfit look somehow effortless. xx

Fashion Limbo said...

love this look...the colour of the trainers goes briliantly with the skirt...my only problem is that here is so freacking hot I can't wear any closed shoes...my feet would simply disintegrate :)

jill said...

Where are YOU, Limbo? : ) Because here in the tundra that is South Kensington, my only challenge rocking this look is the goose bumps on my bare legs! ; )

Clazz: I wish I could get a shot of you riding a bike in that look. Yes I agree: it's the current 'dress it down' element that makes it effortless. It's funny, really - last year we'd be more likely to see ripped denim shorts, bare legs, crazy heels - this year it's a total reverse.

Yup, Emily - it's an ongoing conversation thread with us. ONE of them ; )

And thank you, Alexandra, Good Wear Day, Lauren, Irusja.. will check out your blogs very soon! xox

adrielleroyale said...

"Metaphorically speaking. Not literally. I don't chase mice." LMAO!! I love you Jill, you might not know it, but you are so hilarious sometimes! This is a really cute look! I could totally get into it :)


I think the shoe theory works...but only at fashion week, haha. I'm sure people still want to wear Acne-esque platforms but everyday life is just too carefree. But I think you're right about Converse: they have graduated from the shoe of choice for 14 year olds hanging outside the cinema to 'grown-up' shoes. I mean this girl looks incredibly chic in hers.

I'm think i'll always be too much of an explorer to go about day today i what I could call 'beautiful', 'cool', or 'fashion' shoes. I enjoy the freedom of being able to walk 5 miles a day or run across the street to dodge an incoming bus rather than get run over wearing great (namely high heeled) shoes.

How are you Jill?

nouchaline said...

The converse with dress thing is growing on me.. but I still haven't tried it out..
I really love the skirt, it's so amazing!

Thank you for the lovely comment :)


Matthew Spade said...

yeah i like the casual comfy vibe but with still a strong sense of style and enjoying it. quite like the fellas look too with the drs and smartish shirt

style odyssey said...

there's something about converse...
i am a late-comer to the converse "craze", but now i get it. street sneakers that actually look smart. ok...i'm in!
(just bought my second pair- black monochrome lowtops to wear on the streets of montreal on my holiday next month.)

Andy said...

i love it converse

Emily said...

Got a relaxed (and cute) dress on today with my new Converse!!! Love it :) xx

Ms. Scotch said...

I've been wearing dresses with converse too! It just seems to fit the mood of this summer so perfectly.

As a side note: if you don't want to wear socks, try using band aids. I absolutely adore my red low tops (and going sans socks in them), but they never seemed to break in correctly and absolutely peel the skin off the back of my achilles. After trial and error I discovered that band aids completely fixed the problem! [The only requirement is that the band aid be fabric. After extensive testing I've found that the latex ones just don't cut it.] Works like a charm!