the girl in the lace shorts, identified

She is Nia, and she got in touch, and the brand she works with in Australia is called ZIMMERMAN. Which was the name of my piano teacher: Mrs. Zimmerman. I LOVED her: she was a neighbour, a mom, in our suburban town, and I was allowed to walk home - at 5:00, in the DARK in the winter - because she was around the corner and I didn't have to cross the street. I used to pretend the streets were canals, and the parked cars boats, and I was in Venice.

I can't find the lace shorts on the site - DUH, it's winter in Australia - but I see they've got some smashing swimsuits on Net-a-Porter.

Click here to see some pretty gorgeous stuff. And Nia - as with her friends - is a delight. The third in the friend trilogy is the Girl with the Givenchy Cuff, coming up.


cecylia.com said...

gorgeous shorts!!!

StyleSpy said...

I really do want some of those shorts. I'm probably too old to rock baby pink lace shorts, but I'd like to give it a try...

Lauren said...

I really like the way she has styled this outfit. The lace shorts look perfect with the shirt and long scarf and the color combination reminds me a bit of Neopolitan ice cream. Delicious!

The Styleseer

Like Mousse Au Chocolat said...

love those shorts !! nice blog, I´m a new follower

Elsa and Charlotte said...

love the lace detail on the bottom of the skirt, so pretty.