i am a deeply superficial person

From the Yohji Yamamoto catwalk show on Friday at the V&A, which was AMAZING. The exhibition closes on the 10th - I left it for the last minute (being, of course, deeply superficial) but have since seen it twice: once, with Mr. Dot, who loved it too.

Must run - more to come (i.e., a proper, not superficial, post- or two, or three. Or.. more.) Happy Monday, cupcakes! xox


Matthew Spade said...

pretty sweet event, that skirt looks almost plastic

StyleSpy said...

Holy ducks! Is that an inflatable skirt?

Emily (aka Shopgirl!) said...

Now you've said cupcakes, that's all I can think about!!! Need a beautiful red velvet hummingbird cupcake.. or a vanilla one... or a chocolate one... or any one really!!

love the tee :) xx

Fashion Limbo said...

Damn I want cupcakes too!!
Gotta love that pleated skirt, amazing piece of clothing for the catwalk :)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of cupcakes.. come to think of it, the skirt looks like the pleated paper on a cupcake! (this is jill btw: just forgot to sign in).

Thank you each of you - Emily - Mat - Limbo - StyleSpy I can't BELIEVE you wrote!! Will contact you soon as I send this. Uncanny: I was just thinking about you - haven't heard from you in a coon's age!

Emily when you're next in town - we live near the Hummingbird Cafe - let's go, I'd love a vanilla one.. or, red velvet.. ; ) xx

style odyssey said...

you know i'm a fan of Yohji Yamamoto...would loved to have seen that catwalk show. is that an inflatable skirt? i think i see an air hole.
ok, i need cupcakes NOW!! ;) i have the post-cycling class hungries that won't go away, haha.
and because you're an american: happy 4th! xoxo

Anonymous said...

The exhibition looks AMAZING! Looking forward to more posts this wee Jill xx

Emily (aka Shopgirl!) said...

You are SO on!!!

OMG - if I lived right by there I'd be as big as a house!! Haha! :) xx

Andy said...

unique design skirt

mtg said...

I WANT that shirt!!! Hmmm, maybe I should make one for myself? Just kidding. However I'm not kidding about loving the shirt on a gilr.