still life with popcorn

Every time I take my camera out at home, our cat sees it as a photo op.

Not that long ago (11 days, actually), I happened to be on twitter when the lovely Laura, of A Daisy Chain Dream, posted about Snacking Saturday (actually, Friday). I got so smitten with her review of Joe&Seph's popcorn - it really caught my imagination - that I wrote to them and asked for some free samples to review. And they quickly, cheerfully replied.

My package arrived on Saturday, and I laid out the three flavours - salted caramel, irish cheddar, and caramel with coconut and cinnamon - to do a little shoot. The cat was shoving the things around.. I was laughing so much all the shots came out blurry. Just as Laura had her dad do the reviewing, it seems I let the cat do it, and he went for the caramel, coconut and cinnamon. Which I bet I will, too, when I finally open the packages to taste them.

Theoretically, which flavour do you imagine you'd like best? It's like reading about perfume for me: the 'notes' just sounds so inspiring.

I don't know about you - but I am absolutely HOPELESS at opening things. I've been known to save wrapped gifts forever, without opening the package. I don't care what's inside, it's just the thought that someone I liked cared enough to buy and wrap something. Plus I'm a real fool for packaging. And once you open it, well let's face it, you (and more likely, your husband) will eat it and before you know it, it's gone. I'm thinking of bringing it on holiday to the summer house - surprise my mother for her birthday, and doing the review post with the family. Altho, Mom, if you're reading this, I guess the cat's already out of the bag.


daisychain said...

Aw yay, so glad to be spreading the popcorn love! These guys are genius! I loved the sweet flavours, although far too rich for me to handle, but I am oh so intrigued by the savoury ones; especially the goats cheese and black pepper! I wish I could afford this on a daily basis! I've just bought tonnes of Tyrrels popcorn though, currently on offer in Waitrose. It's not as good, but does somewhat feed my addiction!

StyleSpy said...

#1: Do not EVER let me into your home, because after I leave you will be catless. OMG, what a gorgeous fella - what's his name?

#2: Salted caramel anything is enough to make me re-think whether or not I really need to be a size 4.

#3: Although cinnamon is also one of my very favorite things in the world.

#4: Let me know if you want to take a detour over to Texas from your mom's!

Joni said...

What a beauty! I can't blame him for wanting to be in the pictures :)

Matthew Spade said...

i imagine coconut and cinnamon to taste super nice

adrielleroyale said...

The caramel coconut cinnamon sounds awesome if it weren't too sweet, what great flavors to pic from! :)

adrielleroyale said...

P.S. your cat is quite the handsome gent! He looks a lot like mine except mine lost all the caramel in his fur and Pharaoh has bright yellow eyes... So they look a lot alike, but totally different! LOL!! ;)

Kazuko said...

i'm rather old-fashioned when it comes to popcorn - nothing but salty ;)

the cat makes me laugh only by looking at your pics! how funny must this adorably fluffy furball only be in real life? :)

jill said...

Do you want him, Kazuko? Adrielle? We're trying to find someone to take him while we're away. We're thinking of doing a give-away..

styleeast said...

This will make you laugh. I'm just back (from holiday and illness) and catching up on blogs. I've read all the posts of yours that i'd missed and was going to comment on the girl in the yellow skirt, or the lace shorts, but then i saw this and was like CAT! I love this series, and basically I'm going to come to your house and steal your cat, so you'd better watch out for me ;)