the ties that bind

Typing this in haste: just did the quickest photo shoot with Mr. Dot (remarkably, it went surprisingly well, considering we were shooting in front of a different house than these shots - I had moved a take away coffee cup from the doorway because we knew the owner had died - but the door opened: her sister was there - lovely woman - it was her coffee! Thought I saw a ghost). I just want to get this up to you ASAP because the scarf was a gift from a sweet girl named Gemma, who works with Sky Atlantic HD, and it was part of a promotion for the new series, Mildred Pierce. They sent me the first episode on DVD (I had missed the premiere, alas) and it's great - AND it's started last Saturday. And I've sat on this info and wanted you to know before it was too late. If you're a Sky customer you can also upload anything you missed here.

The other reason for the shoot is this wild challenge - got it in my inbox from a nice dude named Nicholas, who works with a group called SO FEMININE. Now how cool is this for a brief: we'll give you £50 to style a look for under £50, and they'll be putting together a collage of our entries soon. It can be however you'd like - vintage, high street.. which is part of this whole ongoing debate.. so I chose the following:

Vintage scarf: gifted, (but Gemma left the price tag on, sweet thing: £3.99)
Shoes: vintage - god knows what I paid, but it was decades ago.. let's say £15, tops. Probably less
alternate footwear: gifted Havaiana-like flip flops by Elle McPherson - I think they sell for £12??
three ties as belts: husband's friend gave him a shopping bag full. But for sake of argument, £3 in total
bangle bracelet: gifted from Tu/Sainsbury's, I think it sold for £6
necklaces: I strung them together from beads. £5 in total

that's £32, £44 with the alternate footwear - not counting the black bra and the sunglasses - which are from Fabris lane.

Okay, must run - or I'll miss the V&A! I'll do more from this shoot - these are just a few random shots I pulled out. Lovely weekend, all, and have a Fabulous Friday!! xox


daisychain said...

I LOVE that dress Jill!

And thank you so much for your epic comment, you always make me smile! I'm off out shortly, until tomorrow, but upon my return I will sit down and reply to your e-mail!

Much love,
and wishes for a gorgeous weekend x

Sabine said...

I'm very thankful to the mysterious Nicholas to have given you the incentive for a self-style shoot, Jill. So charming, and I love your combination. Looking like a million bucks! xoxo

Miki said...

What a cool challenge! and you look super cute in these pictures :).

Have a fun weekend!


Andy said...

wear clothing that looks simple but it's got character

Fashion Limbo said...

I really like that last picture, you are adorable Jill xxxx

adrielleroyale said...

I love that last picture - You have such a great smile and I love that scarf! :)