high noon @ somerset house

A shootout in the open courtyard, on D4, 20.09.11, LFW, s/s 2012.

Shot simultaneously: Jennifer, aka StyleEast, by me, me by StyleEast, StyleEast by me.

We noticed each day we were dressing kind of similar. I wish I'd asked where she got her alphabet soup blouse. I keep threatening/promising to do a 'StyleEast greatest hits' post, but my problem is, there are so many great hits, that editing's a bitch. Which Jennifer is SO not.

She is, quite simply, a ray of sunshine: smart, funny, beautiful, stylish, interested - truly interested - in the world around her, and in other people. A generous heart, and an open mind. One of the loveliest friends I will ever know.


San said...

Haha, love this post. So much fun to do this.

Ophelia said...

Lovely shirt!


Mertxe Hernandez said...

Nice outfit. And the rings are so beautiful.

Lauren said...

Haha! It's so much fun to shoot other photographers in the act and even more so when they're shooting you! Great post.

The Styleseer

The Foolish Aesthete said...

This is great -- mirror image shoot out! I wonder, was it High Noon? xx

jill said...

Actually... hmm.. nope, it was 1:13: 13:13 exactly! Close, but no cigar ; )

Thank you all! xx

Unknown said...

I really really love the alphabetty spaghetti shirt! I like that on first glance it just looks like a dotty shirt but when you look closer it's letters....so cute :) And you look great in your knee socks...I wish I could wear them without looking daft! :) x

ediot said...

such cute photos jill ;) i really like them
oh about the ann sofie back. it was a seller who didn't communicate so well so i was unsure about actually getting it..
turns out i picked it up today ;) im soooo happy !

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Jill, you looked lovely! You should show your pictures, I mean, pictures of yourself, more often. And thank you for introducing me to Jennifer: really beautiful images.


Serea said...

Really funny that photos. Great photos of course and great camara, i have canon eos 550 too!!!

Matthew Spade said...

she does seem pretty rocking

Emily said...

What great photos!! I love to see photographers in action :)

On another note (in my nail polish obsessed mind) - are wearing yellow on one hand and purple on the other??!! If so, I LOVE!!!! :)

Hope you're well sweets, xx

O D Y S S E Y said...

fun pictures. even your outfit is fun. and you know i love that stack of bracelets!

jill said...

; ) thanks Odyssey!

Emily: you are the only one who has noticed! Or at least, mentioned it. Even on the day, no one said anything. The yellow is actually a Revlon scented kind of metallic colour that looks chartreuse in the bottle, but gold on. It's the only polish that I love when it chips off: at the moment my nails look like they've got bits of gold leaf.

the 'purple' is a blend - my own home made special blend - that's kind of a grey, but a blue/periwinkle grey.

Mat: she is. I can't wait for you two to meet - I guess you're already virtual friends - Jennifer is so great. And thank you, Serea! We all looove our Canons! Mine's I think a 50D.. I don't know. I just love it.

Things & stuff: I thought so, too, until closer inspection.

And Not Just a Pretty Dress: I promise, I will. Keep an eye out, I'd say within the next few hours.

Style At Every Age said...

Love what you are wearing! Looks like you have met your style soul mate!

Emily said...

The gold leaf on your nails sounds very glam and luxurious!!!

Love the two different colours - like to do things like that when bored of just one colour! Or I've been adding sparkles to the top of my polishes when I'm bored of it - or it's starting to chip!!


DaMa said...

Jennifer! Cool style :P