juxtaposition 20.09.11: nueva wave

Today's juxtaposition is one of composition, texture, and tone. I don't have a story about anyone in these photos, because when I shot them, concurrently, again within a few minutes, I was with Sabine - after the Mark Fast show - in the kind of 'back stage' outside area. There was a whole frenzy of photo activity going on, and I don't remember if the girl in the top shot is a model, or simply a very beautiful girl. Or even, her name.

The bottom shot: I was behind these two who were posing for someone else. I didn't see their faces but they had the body language of beautiful girls, perhaps models. I loved the way one was apparently hiding the face that she was smoking from the photographer. I know that my mom will be pissed off at me for, once again, 'condoning smoking' but I"m really not. And mom, you'll be glad to know: I saw a lot less of it, this time, than at my first fashion week. I wonder if it is finally getting through people's heads: smoking is a really stupid habit, and it's easier than you'd think, to simply quit.

Oh speaking of waves: I've noticed a lot more of it, in hair, and in an hour, we're leaving for brunch at Aqua Nueva! It's my husband's birthday - the husband formerly known as Mr. Dot (he really hates that, 'the joke's wearing a bit thin, Jill'), and I loved their sister restaurant, Aqua Kyoto so much, that they've asked me to come as their guest and do a review!! Beyond Japanese culture and cuisine, Spain is one of my favourites.

Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend, que la gente encantadora! xoxo


Unknown said...

Amazing photos, love the mix of textures!

San said...

Great shots and Happy Birthday to Mr. Adams (it is your husbands name, or is it?).

Enjoy your Sunday too.

The Photodiarist said...

Superb shots!

Lauren said...

The textures and composition here are really wonderful. The girl in the portrait shot is beautiful and the second shot tells a story perfectly. Very nicely done!

The Styleseer

O D Y S S E Y said...

happy birthday to the husband-formerly-known-as-mr-dot! ;)
nice textures in these shots.
enjoy your sunday,

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Beyond color contrast, I think I love texture juxtapositions even more (more subtle and invites deeper thought). These are wonderful!! That first portrait is amazing -- I feel like I can see into her soul through those lovely green eyes.

Hope Mr. Dot enjoyed his birthday brunch at Aqua Nueva. Olé! xxx

Serea said...

oh my god!!!!so wonderfull that photos, I love the hair girl!!


AestheticJungle said...

gorgeous shots!
we do a similar blog about street fashion in melbourne, australia. would love if you guys could check us out- aestheticjungle.blogspot.com
now a follower :) xx

Toni Tran said...

The first image is stunning! the eyes are really amazing in this picture!