romance was born

I met Anna Plunkett, the designer of the Australian brand Romance Was Born, with Luke Sales, who I believe is the business side (I wonder if that's his real name!), just as I was leaving Somerset House, on the Thames, at the end of Day Four.

Even the first line of the story on their website says it best: 'A love of kitsch Australiana, crafty construction and fine tailoring help Australia's sentimental favourites Romance Was Born to turn the dreaded cultural cringe on its head.'

I mean, what else can I add, really?

Not everything Anna is wearing is designed and made by her: the black dress over the white dress, I recognised from one of the first Mark Fast shows I saw, and the green bag is Chanel, but most of it is Anna's. When I saw how Sabine styled herself - with her own knitting and DIY - in her lovely post the other day ('cluck cluck'), it reminded me that I'd held out on this long enough. It's time to let you see this, Dear Reader. Romance Was Born.


SabinePsynopsis said...

This must have been telepathy, Jill! I was JUST reading your post, thinking: Aaaawww, how lovely of you to mention me when a tweet comes up... THANK YOU! Anna's style is wonderful (and a Mark Fast dress still big on my wishlist). xoxo

The Photodiarist said...

Really interesting Chanel Bag . . . have never seen Chanel bag like that one.

San said...

Lovely Outfit, she has her own style.

Lovely post.

Thanks for your email and comment. I'll answer soon.

Have a great rest of the week.

O D Y S S E Y said...

now that's an outfit! seems inspired by mcqueen. anna has lovely pale skin.
thanks bunches for your generous compliments today, much appreciated!
however, i wasn't wearing any blue in one of the posts- black and white only. :)
will probably have skype on later today, when work is finished. i'm on a roll in the studio...

Pearl Westwood said...

Oh her jacket is sooooo amazing!!!!

mtg said...

You have neatest links, Jill. Loved her website. And also had to visit Sabine and tell her to keep clucking ;)

I now have tickets to fly to NY. I'll be there from 10/26 to 10/30. Any chance you're seeing your family around that time? I know, this is silly, but I thought I'd still ask. Doesn't hurt to ask.

Serea said...

Love your photos!! Amazing photos and amazing outfit.Dresses are Great!!!


adrielleroyale said...

Love her dress on dress idea, it really works here :) Can't say I dig anything in her most recent collection really, but that is just me - perhaps a bit too conservative to make that kind of judgment lol ;) As always though, these are great shots! :)

Calvin Klein slim fit suits said...

I also adore Ana Plunkett very much. Knowing that what she wears everyday are not all her designs is quite interesting. I hope I could catch up and update myself regarding her soon!

Emily said...

I love this outfit. The different textures and patterns and lengths all work so well to make it look fresh! :) xx

Camilla said...

AmAZING outfit! Oh my lord, how I love it!!