cuckoo for coco

I don't know what is going, but it seems like everyone has woken up recently and decided to wear black and white. Self included. I was talking with my sister in Massachusetts and she said 'That's so weird..' and proceeded to describe what she'd worn out the night before. Sure enough: black and white. And I'm seeing a lot of Chanel-inspired, ladylike-with-a-twist ensembles - each very cool, chic, original, and above all, with an element of fun.
Case in point: Hind, half French, half Moroccan, but a true Londoner for the past 10 years, dotted near Whole Foods, in a gorgeous white coat (from Mango a few years back), and - brave for this time of year - bare legs and fabulous wedge sandals from Paul Smith (last year's collection). The bag is black patient Dior (new collection) and the sunglasses, from the grand lady herself: none other than Chanel. 
Past versions include IT Girl, way back in March, or more recently, Mystery Brunette and the new kid in town,  MK of Palm Beach. Stay tuned for future variations on a theme.


Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I love black and white. She looks fab!

Ismael SLAOUI said...

Does she look really like a bird ?
With her sweet legs and smile, she remembers me a butterfly or a dragonfly !

Anonymous said...

Or with those long legs, a gazelle : )
(from Jen)