new kid in town

MK had just been in Palm Beach one week when I met her on Worth Avenue. Her boyfriend writes for the Palm Beach Post. I promise you, she's going to ruffle a few feathers because she's not just tall, blonde, and beautiful, but she's also really, really nice - and smart & funny. We became instant friends.

Love her clean, confident, classic simplicity, and the whimsy of adding the white waistcoat. The menswear trend is going to be big, we predict. It's accessible - we can borrow from our men, literally - and we can be creative & make it our own style, as MK has done so successfully. (another clever interpretation is on Vicci, of Primrose Hill)

Step aside, Claudette Colbert! There's a new kid in town, and she's writing a whole new Palm Beach story.


Anonymous said...

Are those Fosters Grants she's wearing?

Anonymous said...

She looks nice, but a bit too 'polished'.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Love this look.