me & my BFF michelle obama

This was shot at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday, up on the wall by the gates, waiting for the Obamas to arrive. For a change, I knew how it felt to be dotted: great, frankly!

And it couldn't have been more opposite to what was going on in the City on the same day. Everyone was so happy. And so quiet. A thousand or more people, and you could hear a pin drop. Waiting, having fun, being stylish and blase. Living life in peace. And when the First Couple finally arrived.. a magic moment. Just like that John Lennon song.

But life is strange, and because of an item of clothing, this photo - and others shot by photographers at the same time - have now appeared in so many papers, from the Guardian to the Telegraph to a big spread in Time Out - and now, online, with this cute thread about the 'girl' in the tee shirt. Someone from ABC News interviewed me on what we think of Michelle here in London, which was fun (answer: everyone loves her). Oh, if anyone's interested: I wore riding boots from Blue Velvet (King's Road), white jeans from the Gap, tee shirt, my own design as inspired by Karin Robinson and the London Underground. But we're much more interested in what Michelle was wearing. And she was dressed in Gap for Number Ten, so we're clearly on the same page.


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Ovation, CelebratiOn, InspiratiOn. lOve this PhOtO! lOOking ahead to mOre! xOxO, Signed, Stylinguru in New York City aka: K