breaking rules right & left on the king's road

This girl was moving really quickly thru the Christmas shopper crowd on a recent Saturday on the King's Road. And I was in pursuit. Got this quick shot & was gaining on her to see if she was photogenic (she was) & was just about to ask her, when she ducked into a doorway (like a home, not a shop). She gave me the slip! I'm sure she didn't see me.

Now, I'm fully aware I didn't get her permission, and if she gets in touch, I might have to take this down... I mean, this is quite a mad English eccentric look, but there was something about her energy, and confidence.. I kind of like it. Granted, it breaks every fashion rule (my mom was pretty lax with our wardrobes, she pretty much let us do our own thing - but I do remember her teaching me that you can't mix patterns. 'Why?' 'Don't ask me: it's the rule'.)

Well I say: when it comes to style, some rules are meant to be broken. Altho, this might be a step too far. Jury's out, cupcakes: what's your verdict?


Anonymous said...

It looks cute. My opinion - if she is below approx. 25 (or looks below 25), it is cute.
If she is 35 - it is childish.
My daughter is 6. I try to follow rules with her, but in her world it is different kind of style rules. For example, once it should be all pink plus sparkling shoes. And looking at her styling attemps I allow it and finally even stupidely admire it.


daisychain said...

hard to decide. Part of me loves it, part of me hates it.
Can we name her marmite girl?

Unknown said...

Analysing it now, it does seem rather eccentric, but she must be really confident to wear it. I agree with not mixing patterns, but what if this is a futuristic look, maybe shes setting the bar that little bit higher for times like 2030


Mom Fashion World said...

my verdict; for me, i don't care with not mixing patterns.
if that's the only clothes left in my closet, still i've the courage
of wearing them. haha--sometimes it's good to break the rules as long as you don't harm other people. Nobody can't stop me. As long as i'm happy of what i'm doing and as long as i feel comfortable with what i;m wearing.

jill said...

; )

Yeah, Volga, from what I saw in the split second before she disappeared, she looked young - and cute. I mean, she didn't look insane, which is also a possible theory. & isn't it amazing about that all pink look on girls of that age? There must be a psychological, biological explanation, because every nationality, that's what girls that age love to wear. (my niece abruptly grew out of it, aged about 7, but then she saw my pink gloves.. and I happened to have two pair.. and she decided 'maybe it's okay to sometimes wear a little pink'. But her all pink days are definitely behind her!

daisychain: Sure we can name her marmite girl but if she sues, I'm blaming you!

J'aime: love it!! That's what it is: she is very very ahead of her times. It's funny cause I was just about to say what mom&son just did: maybe that's just all she had left in her closet. Maybe she was doing some major laundry.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Rules can definitely be broken in terms of style. In fact, I believe that rules should be broken - what works for one, doesn't work for another, and vice versa. At the same time, this look isn't for me. It's a bit too all over the place. But I definitely have respect fro the wearer for feeling confident in this getup!! :)

Taylor said...

Don't wear the it-style all at once. The tights and skirt would have been cute by itself but the rest...no. Separately; sure.

Amanda said...

I agree with Auburn. The tights and the skirt "go", in my opinion, even with the coat, provided she had simple shoes on...maybe black suede wedges or pumps?

For me it's just too much. I think the coat and bag could match well together if the bottom was more subdued.

But it is inspiring!

jill said...

I agree with you both. Frankly, I wouldn't wear that skirt with anything - & I don't like that green of the scarf.. & come to think of it, those boots are VILE. I'd keep the coat & the bag, and switch to black leggings & some kind of high heel black booties, perhaps with studs.

come to think of it that would do away with all the patterns altogether.

Vicki said...

hey my dear!! how have you been!? I finally got my new fancy camera ( well its wrapped under my tree!) decided to go for a Lumix G1. its meant to be good for beginners but with plenty to help me develop! cant wait to get snapping after xmas!

Merry Christmas!! love vicki xo

Susan said...

well... not really my cup of tea, however, I love how she rocks it.

The Photodiarist said...

I am not a huge fan of rules (having gone to boarding school), and in fashion (as in every other aspect of life), breaking them can lead to many wondrous things. That said, sometimes there's a good reason for rules. I'll say no more.

Anonymous said...

I can't decide if I think she's a fashion victim or fashion innovator. I think though that not much thought went in to it.

And yeah, the boots are vile on any day with any outfit. Not even in Wyoming, okay, maybe Wyoming, would those boots be anything other than gak.