ida in her gold platform shoes, at a tilt

Just checking that everyone's awake & paying attention. Good.


Unknown said...

I'm awake, but v.tired, I should go to sleep, but teen body clocks are so different, scientists have found out.

Anyhow, I love the bowl type hair, that gets longer, and the biker jacket, acec le robe. + just caught to shoes at the top of the screen, in love.


Dream Sequins said...


Your comment made me smile today! Thank you thank you for your lovely words.

I've been away from your blog and your blogosphere in general, due to some career developments and personal changes. I never knew how much I would miss it...

Especially lovely shots like this one. She sort of looks like a young Demi Moore, but blonde. If that makes any sense :)

Have a great week, dear.

xx D

Dream Sequins said...

I meant the blogosphere, not your blogosphere, BTW-- although your blogosphere would no doubt consist of uber stylish people... No doubt. ;)

jill said...

Oh, babe, in my blogosphere, all SORTS of shit is going down!

I was thinking the same thing, too. We're so often on the same page. If you'd like to say anything in confidence: jill@haybooks.com & mum's the word. You have a great week, too, sweet Dee!

And J'aime, it really is true! I remember as a teen, older people would say 'Oh, I can't stay up anymore' & granted, I still can - but I'm a freak that way, I sleep like a cat, little naps here & there - but teens really are biologically more like kittens: you can eat like crazy, cause you're burning fuel like mad. (Maybe that's what it is with me: maybe biologically, I'm still a teenager!)

In hindsight, the only thing I'd have done differently with my teen years was worried a lot less. Enjoy every moment & every late night, J'aime: it really doesn't last forever!


Susan said...

wow! gorgeous.

The Fashion Cloud said...

Those gold shoes look amazing



daisychain said...

those shoes <3

ooh, will be posting your necklace tomorrow, sorry for the delay x

The Photodiarist said...

Love those gold shoes!


Wonderful ! Happy New Year to you

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