cutting the mustard

Minutes after taking this shop window shot on Sloane Avenue, I met Lin, from Malaysia, in Sloane Square. Didn't even think of the similarity in her pose until now. I wish I'd asked her where she got her jacket, Iove the cut & fabric: like felt. What would you call that colour? Lemon? Mustard? It's just uncannily similar to the window shot.

I was a little stuck with my title for this one, and out of curiosity, looked up the phrase. It means 'To succeed; to come up to expectations' which is apt: to me, this look does. As for the origins.. I can't write it all down here, but for those who are curious, here is the explanation, which is really pretty funny. The short version is: no one knows! Oh also by coincidence I made Mr. Dot one of his favourite suppers tonight: welsh rarebit. Or, rabbit. Made with cheese, worcestershire sauce, and mustard. He hates mustard, but he loves welsh rarebit (or, rabbit). And obviously, there is no rabbit in the dish. And hey ho! Just realised my previous title had the word cheese in it! I swear I didn't plan that either.

And on that note, I'm ending this silly rambling post.


Susan said...

this girl is just beautiful. beautiful. wow.

fiifiiiiiiiiiiii said...

I just bought that leopard motel jacket from ASOS......all because of you!!!! hahahaha The coat looks amazing on everyone .....lets see if it works its magic on my outfits.....keep it up! Also can you have more pictures of people wearing hats.....love the fur ones and animal style ones...TREND ALERT!

Charlene said...

she is gorgeous...her makeup is gorge too, she looks so well put together...i love your blog..so inspiring!!

The Photodiarist said...

The first photo is simply AMAZING, Jill. One of your best, I think.

jill said...

Oh, thank you, PD. Coming from you.. I'm chuffed to bits ; )

Charlene, thank you! & thanks on LIn's behalf.

fi999: you won't be disappointed, I promise you! It's so cuddly & warm & I love the lining. I'm really having trouble letting it go, and will probably have to buy it, too, as I can't seem to return it (not to mention the queues @ the post office). Please let me know what you think. And that's a great idea - to take requests for street shots - the thing is I don't see a lot of hats, but will keep an eye out & let you know when I"m posting.

Susan: thank you, I'm so grateful for your comments. Unlike mine, short & sweet ; ) xox

Matt30 said...

Really like your images!

Full marks to you!

sofiasophie said...

she is beautiful.
Bravo for the pic!

adrielleroyale said...

Wow, she is gorgeous and I LOVE her hair! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Her jacket is fabulous too. :)