check point (girl on the tube)

This wasn't what I planned to post. We've just been to the gym before it closes for New Year's, I had a lovely swim while Mr. Dot practiced his boxing (I know, don't ask, it's a guy thing) & now we're hanging out before heading to Richmond - with yummy cakes - for our New Year's Eve dinner party & sleep-over. Nice & civilized.

While I was looking for something else - from my first digital shots, which I want as part of my New Year's post - I came across this shot of a girl, on the tube. The first shot came out really blurry - it was so dark - and the 2nd, but somehow the 3rd shot, despite the noise & chaos - came out so calm.

Then we both got lost in the crowd.


Cristi Silva said...

Beautiful art!!!:) Happy New Year Jill!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I prefer the 2 blurry shots- arty .

Red Boots said...

Beautiful - I love it!
Have a happy new year dear!