hollie in her own clothes

This is Hollie from the previous post, in her own clothes. Altho she's a stylist for Topshop, her cardigan is by H&M, which she told me, and I forgot, but my Anonymous Guardian Angel has just given me an Anonymous tip-off (my Guardian Angel is a girl, apparently, as she said she has one, too. I picture her wearing it, with little wings sticking out). And her wonderful fringe booties are by Office, which Topshop carries.

Now on to Audrey... uploading so many shots. What is it about December, that no matter how simple I try to keep plans, time just speeds up like mad? In just two hours I've got to set up for the Annual Garden Square meeting (I'm secretary, have already bought the snacks) & then run straight from that to an event/party.. and somewhere along the way (perhaps in the taxi), change from conservative clothes to my new Topshop sequin Audrey Hepburn-inspired frock: a classic little black dress, with a twist. ; )


Cafe Fashionista said...

She is tres adorable! You know who she reminds me a bit of? Wendy Darling from Peter Pan. She seems quite ethereal, just like Wendy! :)

dot said...

Actually, you're right! And yet her shoes remind me a bit of Peter Pan, too. Ethereal, with a twist ; )

daisychain said...

she is so so gorgeous and effortlessly chic.

Susan said...

I love her hair so much! wish I had such big hair :)

The Fashion Cloud said...

Gorgeous cardigan and love her hair



Anonymous said...

cardigan is from H&M....I have the same one

dot said...

That's right, that's what she said & I forgot! Thank you, Anonymous, for coming back with another Anonymous Tip Off.

I'm glad that you're Anonymous, it make it quite magical for me: like a Guardian Angel. An Anonymous Guardian Angel.