motel rocks!

Boy do they ever. I first heard of this online brand from Erika, of Fashion Chalet, then noticed people I street shot were wearing Motel, and spotted it on celebrities. I love their dresses.

So I went online & found these fabulous faux leopard coats & had an idea for the Great Motel Rocks Challenge. I approached Beth, who works with Motel, told her my idea, and she sent me a sample coat (on loan) and basically said, 'Go for it, babe'.

It arrived soon after, and I immediately asked Mr. Dot to shoot me. I doubt the other 'self style' bloggers have photo shoots that last under a minute with their bf shouting 'Hurry up, Jill'. But this isn't about me.

I'm posting this because my challenge is to find different people with different looks and see how the same coat works on them. So if I see you on the street, you could be next.

Some people have reported that leopard has peaked in their part of the world (and some parts of the world it's irrelevant, obviously, due to the heat - in those places, there might actually be REAL leopards), but I chose the leopard print because it hasn't peaked here by any means. And besides, I love it. It's cuddly and warm like a great big stuffed animal, it's lined with silky leopard print, it goes with everything, and (don't tell Mr. Dot) I'm angling buy it when I'm done. But we'll cross that marital bridge when we come to it.

(Oh btw, I'm wearing: Motel Rocks coat, Blue Velvet black riding boots from last season, black thermal leggings from American Apparel, and skinny rib cardigan from Massimo Dutti: you don't need layers under this baby!)


Anonymous said...

Ah love it! I've been eyeing that coat up big time!

Leah said...

Awwww, I wish I'm there. I would be a very willing guinea pig. Love the leopard coat on you. And this shoot took less than a minute, I'd say Mr. Dot is a genius. He was able to capture everything there is to capture in a small amount of time.

fiifiiiiiiiiiiii said...

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p.s. you can also by motel things from www.asos.com as well

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Iris / London Fashion Diary said...

The coat is lovely. And so are you!!

Ana Frost said...

Fabulous definitely :-)

Unknown said...

the coat is rawwwr! i love it!


Unknown said...

Arrgh! Polka dot, I havent been keeping up with your last three posts, I feel like I'm missing out, I definitely like Emily + Cal's style, especially her boots. And that guy that M.r Dot was chatty with, I love him, he looks like a cool rocker!

J'aime :]


Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Somehow you manage to look adorable and edgy all at once! I love it!!

Good Girls Studio said...

You look adorable! Wish I was closer & could model it for you...you might not get it back ;)

StyleSpy said...

So cute. I would love to have that in my closet. And I could use it this weekend -- it's actually COLD here!@ (They're predicting SNOW today!!! YIKES!!!)


Oh thank you, doll!
Yes I'm a fan for life now. ;)
NYC was beyond amazing. I need to go back again (and again & yet, again!!)

Can't wait to share more soon. :)


The Photodiarist said...

Totally funny . . . the part where Mr. Dot is yelling "Hurry Up Jill . . ." I can almost hear him add . . . "I want me blimey dinner!"

Sorry for poking fun, Mr. Dot . . . but I have a feeling that you can take it.

dot said...

Laughing as I type this! (to the photodiarist)

Laughing as I type this, Photodiarist. You've got the phrasing so wrong: no one says blimey anymore, but especially, not blimey dinner. It would be more like bloody dinner, but he usually just says f***ing dinner in these situations.

And don't worry, he can so totally take it! We were having an argument one time & I was so sick of him finding ways to insult me so I just summoned all my bitchiness and said 'well you're an arrogant English bastard!' and we both just looked at each other & he burst out laughing. I said 'I can't insult you' & stormed out so he wouldn't see me starting to laugh, but it's true: what can I say really? Calling him an arrogant English bastard only registers as a compliment.

The arrogant English bastard.

Pearl Westwood said...

Hey look at you on your blog!! Well done Mr Dot on the photos! Ah I have been searching for such a coat for my sister in law to be for Xmas and couldnt find one so she is getting a regular faux fur. Leo will never be over I ve had mine for years tho it is more a jacket than a coat. Fab idea Jill cant wait to see what looks you end up with xx

Susan said...

you look adorable!