pink is for girls

Last Saturday, Leah did a post called 'are you a girly girl?' and I've been musing on the subject ever since. Being a girl - and, I'd like to think, a girl's girl (which is another thing altogether), I've thought about this before. Going by her definition, I'm not. If being a girly girl means being high maintenance: that is so not me.

And yet, in terms of style.. I do love pale pink, the colour of this girl's coat, as long as it's clean lines, like the ballet pink of Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy. I don't do frills. But uh-oh, in this shot, if you look closely: those are pink hearts on her tights. She is wearing a pale pink umbrella with a pale pink coat with a pink fur collar. That's a lot of pink for a grown up woman. No, that's not me.

What about you? Are you a girly girl? There's been a lot of talk lately about 'what's your style', and we're meant to have a sound bite that sums us up. Someone recently called my style 'edgy yet adorable': I could live with that. I'd like to think I'm Jackie, or Audrey, but the truth is, I'm lazy, and I like to be comfortable. And my style is a bit.. boyish. I've worn Oxford lace ups over the years.. and yet I can't throw a ball to save my life, don't do competitive sports (or competitive anything) and am in my own way, quite girly.

Volga commented yesterday that her six year old daughter chooses to dress in head to toe pink (with sprakly shoes). There is something universal about little girls and pink.

And then the next day, the sun came out, and I chanced upon a blossoming tree, with a bee pollinating it. If you've ever tried to focus on a bee.. while I waited patiently, shooting and missing the little guy, watching the bee go from flower to flower, I thought: well, that's it, isn't it? We arrange our petals as prettily as we can, we get our scent as lovely as possible, and just hope that bee will choose us. Maybe it's that simple

And at the precise moment I got this one shot, my bee went on his merry way.

It was a quite soft, Japanese moment, trailing her in the rain, just a few quick seconds of crossing the street (the light was green) and just as I was about to ask to shoot her, she closed the umbrella and in the same motion, entered the bank. And that was that.


Leah said...

Thanks for the shout-out! We are both not girly girls. Hahaha! Okay, I also like pink...my pajamas are mostly pink.

That description of you... edgy yet adorable... hmmmmm... I think I like that definition for me too. Hahaha!

I have another analysis why we cannot be girly girls, to start with, no girly girl will carry the weight of our camera. It'll be too much for their delicate frames. But we do carry heavy equipment and we can't be all girly when we do our work. How can we bend and kneel on the pavement if we are wearing a girly dress? And we work with men, and these guys wouldn't want to work with women who will just be whining and complaining. So I guess it's our choice why we are not girly girls.

The pale pink trench is nice. You're right, there's too much pink going on.

Anonymous said...

love this post*°°*°*
Have a great week-end dear*

Good Girls Studio said...

I'm a low maintenance girly girl! Never leave the house without makeup & my hair done {unless you count the "duck & cover" runs to take my son to school}.Love pink but only since I've turned 30, before it was almsost only all black!

Lisa said...

ohh.. that's so nice, thanks! all i did was post a link to a song.. well, if you want to, haha, the blog you commented on will be fine :)

The Photodiarist said...

I love pink.

Mariella said...

I like pink, and maybe sometimes I love it. I wouldn't describe myself as a girly-girl. My style is undefined because sometimes I just use comfy clothes. Other times, I dress super girly, and others just casual and pretty.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'd say I'm a girly girl, but I don't like when people associate such a proclamation with being high maintenance. I am definitely not high maintenance; I simply I adore the color pink!! :)

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I am, but I'm not. I definitely like SOME girly things, but it can't be too saccharine. Lately I've mixed in more masculine elements too off-set the more feminine pieces in my wardrobe.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Unknown said...

she is so pretty in pink. that's my fave color. but i'm trying to tone down my fascination in this color coz it seems like everything around me is pink. i'm not sick of it though.


Leah said...

PS...I have an award for you. Please claim it in my blog. Big hugs!

Beauty Is Diverse said...

Now thats a nice pink jacket.

Susan said...

pale pink is one of my favorite colors. love that jacket!
have a sweet day, darling.

Mom Fashion World said...

hello jill!
omg, i don't know why but i dreamt of you last
night but couldn't remember what was all about.
it was so vague but in my dreams you were there.
wish i could have slept longer but got a wake up call from mr. freddy, huh!

about your post; i'd say i'm really not 100% girly girl.
i seldom do my nails (mani and pedi) and i'm boyish at times.
but because i'm married, i make an extra effort and try my best to look good in the eyes of my husband. lol!

btw, i love that pale pink trench coat of her. it's such a girly girl color.

p.s jill- just to let you know, you're one of my fave bloggers.
i adore how you write and love to read the content of your posts!