i dreamt i was in africa (chloe, in pink)

It's dark as night outside as we pack up food & presents & boots & clothing to leave - only for a few days - for the Dot-in-laws, in deepest Herefordshire (home of mistletoe, hills, mist, magic, and 'men with swords' as a friend, who's from there, says. You can just see them lurking behind giant yew trees, like Robin Hood's band of Merry Men).

On the chance that, it being so remote a place, their broadband somehow doesn't work, I'm trying to post now, pack, shower, & get out the door in under an hour, without Mr. Dot blowing a fuse. This is Chloe, from South Africa, who I actually met outside the Audrey Hepburn auction (by chance). Shot everything here within two hours. I didn't post it sooner because I didn't want to inundate you with leopard print, but truly: it's everywhere I turn.

I love these colours, not just black and white, but the warm chocolate browns - colours I picture in Africa, where I long go to someday - and, especially in this weather, the hot warmth of this pink dress, one of Audrey's. I had gone for a coffee & croissant near the auction, and someone got up & left their leopard lining lying around, just asking me to shoot it.

And the reason I've included these is, when I saw Chloe's shoes, she begged me not to include them in shot. So I've separated them so you didn't see what was, to her, clearly a fashion don't: two leopards in one look. (I guess, since she was just visiting London, she was limited with footwear). Anyway, she's back home in South Africa now, presumably nice & warm & enjoying a summery Christmas. We've got a slow drive ahead of us, and later, tonight, the annual ritual of going to pubs in town with Mr. Dots friends & their wives & girlfriends. Then, midnight mass in the ancient church in the village. I know I should leave you with a Christmas carol, but this is the song playing in my head, inspired by these colours:

Happy Holidays! (p.s. just got home & discovered another 'anonymous' comment telling me her name is really Jade. Which sounds about right, as I hadn't jotted it down right away. This is really kinda freaking me out: who is this Anonymous & how could they possibly know this stuff??? Anyway, Anony, thanks for correcting me & Jade, sorry I called you Chloe).


The Photodiarist said...

Happy Holidays Jill!

Mom Fashion World said...

she rock in her pink hair!

Jill-Have a safe trip and Happy Holidays to you and
your family!

daisychain said...

Wishing you the most wonderful Christmas xxx

Anonymous said...

chole is actually spelled J A D E in this case. she is from SA tho.

jill said...

Okay, Anonymous.. who are you??? : )

I think you're right. I didn't write her name down & I thought it was Chloe, I hadn't heard from her. I've got the chills now: how can you possibly know who these people all are?? Can you get in touch with her & ask her to send me an email? I'll send her the shots in high res. thanks!

Photodiarist, Mom&Son, Laura, thank you, you too! Will write soon just back xx

Anonymous said...