top brasserie

Chanel seems to be outdoing itself lately in the wacky department, at least at their Brompton Cross location. While I was window snapping, Ian, who works at the venerable old La Brasserie next door, stepped out for a cigarette. He was trying to move out of my way but I love the shot. We had a nice little chat & then he went back to work & I went on my way.

Hope all's wrapping up nicely for you, wherever you are.


Leah said...

If you didn't mention Ian, I thought he was part of the window display. LOL

jill said...

I know! He fit it so well. Altho no one was making him wear a birdcage on his head. How's things in your part of the world, cupcake?

Mom Fashion World said...

i had exactly the same thought with leah
about Ian. good shot, jill!

p.s yes, it's really weird that i dreamt about you
though we haven't met each other yet.

happy holidays, jill!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm with Leah - Ian truly looked like a part of the display. The third chair made me think it was meant to indicate that he had just vacated it!! :)

Style Odyssey said...

i like the whimsical, slightly wackiness of these pics, J!
nice that Ian stayed on the scene. he fits right in, giving the last photo a human element.

Pearl Westwood said...

Ahhhh I took a photo of a very simillar widow in our Chanel - I will have to post it so we can compair! We didn't have an Ian though! The composition of the shot is brilliant!x

Susan said...

wow, amazing!

The Photodiarist said...

Lovin' the window shots!!

jill said...

Thank you all, on Ian's behalf ; )

Pearl, where is 'your' Chanel exactly? How weird am I: I just assume if someone's in the UK but not London, there are no Chanel's. And I wondered if the window designs are local.. silly me. Of course not. I keep forgetting that shop windows are actually multi national corporations, & have this romantic notion of some very flamboyant young man in the window wrestling with tulle. And bird cages.

If you get a chance, yes, please send it! Thanks.

Pearl Westwood said...

Hi Jill, ours is in Manchester Selfridges, I think we are the only place in the UK outside of London to have one - will hunt out that photo, its simillar but not exact. I guess they must have a standard set but have a little bit of freedom to play around with it. I know that in our Chanel they change the inside displays every week to keep it fresh. x