azure as the sky, azure as your eyes

Natalia, who works in Miller Harris, on Monmouth Street (lucky girl), in
a patterned raincoat that she told me is four years old, from Zara.

When I met Jen last glorious Friday, we went first to Monmouth Coffee (the best coffee on the planet, I kid you not: their other shop is in Borough Market and there is nothing better in this world or the next, than to queue for a coffee there and browse the stalls). There are only two tables and the crowd outside was like the scene outside a pub in the city on a Thursday night, but we saw a bench across the street, at the Miller Harris shop. She asked if I thought it would be okay to sit there and I said I guess we'd find out.

Instead, we found Natalia, who is absolutely lovely. She patiently posed for us then went back to work. I LOVE Miller Harris: like Jo Malone, it is quintessentially modern London, and their scents are amazing. I especially like Coeur d'ete: how can one resist a blend of white lilac, cassie and heliotrope, chocolate bean, banana and liquorice?


Yeji Kim said...

I like the way how you organized the frame of the second photo:)

Platform P said...

She's gorgeous, very naturally pretty. I love her coat, what a lovely spring staple.


Sarah xo said...

The jacket complements her eyes perfectly. The serene look on her face is really effective (:

Anonymous said...

I don't drink coffee myself, but my friends all love Monmouth Coffee...I even love the smell of the shop myself!


Style Odyssey said...

That fragrance sounds divine. BEAUTIFUL coat, beautiful girl. I think those shades of blue really suit her.

daisychain said...

Oh wow, she is beautiful and so is her coat.

The Photodiarist said...

Great photos, Jill.