everybody counts

It's another beautiful, perfect day outside my window in London town, but I'm home in bed with a cold that is getting worse by the minute. So it cheered me up no end to get a nice letter from the all walks beyond the catwalk people, letting me know I'm in the everybody counts facebook photo album.

And it's so nicely in keeping with my current black and white theme! How serendipitous.

Saw a lot of people I've spotted, dotted, and in some cases, like Rhiannon and Leila, have become friends with (what would that be then, frotted?). They've become everyone's favourite muses. (star brights, for example, or leila, or here.

Erin O'Connor, who is behind this wonderful initiative and is a co-founder. (For further reading, see erin o'connor waved @ me, or before jaeger).

Perhaps it's because I'm feeling ill, but I can't get the song 'everybody hurts' out of my head. I've just played R.E.M.'s original video, and if you have five minutes to spare, click here. I just need to know: am I crazy? Or is that like the best video ever?

Please click in the links at the top, become a fan on facebook, and spread the good word.


the style crusader said...

oh wow this is so cool! what a great concept. love the shot of you. how special that you are part of this. oh i really love this. xx

Matthew Spade said...


Anonymous said...

I just read about it on facebook, sounds like a great campaign. That's a really cool pic of you!


Platform P said...

Only you could look stylish with a camera covering your face!