It's not street style: took a few shots near that wonderful near the Serpentine, and played around in photoshop til it felt more Monet. It hit me suddenly, as we walked, why I'm loving olives & tans & lilac & lavender so much right now. I wish I had a dress that was made up exactly of this pattern.

This moment is so fleeting, and these colours will change so quickly. I'm home nursing this cold and I know I need to go back here, and experience it again or wait another year, but for now, digital dots on a screen will do for me, and I hope, for you.


Pamela said...

it is a bit Monet!,wont be long till everything is in full-bloom - its been a long time coming this winter! I've been practicing my camera skills this month, as taking up a class starting next week, feel free to have a look!

Rebecca said...

There's a cherry blossom tree right near my house, and the light pink of it cheers me up every time I walk past :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, they look like watercolours!

Hope you get better soon :)


daisychain said...

Utterly divine x

Anonymous said...

It's always beautiful when flowers are nearly in bloom, and you get a taste of the colours to come.