the girl in the tate

Hope you all had a lovely Easter Bank Holiday Weekend (I love saying that: Bank Holiday Weekend. Don't ask me why, it just cracks me up). It's funny that people associate Easter with chocolate, to me, it's all about pastels: bunnies & spring flowers and Lauderee-esque macaron colours. To that end, we have rented Sophia Coppola's excellent Marie Antionette (I read somewhere she showed her production manager a box of macarons - or perhaps, since she lives in Paris, they were in a bakery - and said 'I want my film to look like that.' And it does).

But because it's an in-between time - streetstyle shooting wise - I'm still not seeing people in pastels on the street. Take this girl at the Tate Modern, for example. Just a quick two shots when we were with a friend in the member's lounge. It looks like very dull colours but look again: she's tossed together a whole range of purpley brown jacket, mustard top under, the green of the wellies.. I am loving this palette at the moment PROVIDED there is a pop of bright: preferably neon. Orange, purple, lilac, periwinkle, turquoise, hot pink.. something like the bag on the woman near her.

I think that's why we're so into nail polish right now. Either that, or lipstick. I'm not a dark/bright lipstick girl - never was - so it has to be nails for me. But that's for another post (just curious: which are you? Or are you both?)

Anyone do anything weird or wonderful this weekend?


Cristi Silva said...

WOW! I am HOnored!!!!!! so honored!!!!

AND i love that girls outfit! Greens purples and grey....I love dark colors.

I dont wear lipstick...so nail polish i try but can't seem to keep up.

Unknown said...

Love macarons... I'm a bright lippy and nails girl. Although I've been introducing the pastel nails recently as I got myself the Essie 'Lilacism' and 'Great Expectations' which both look good with bright or nude lips. Doing the pastel nails has been a good way of giving a nod towards the spring trend. I bought some pale grey chinos the other day and really looking forward to teaming with pastels/nudes. Not sure why I'm not brave enough to do it yet! Still a bit chilly maybe?! x


Style At Every Age said...

I love the girls outfit although I think the wellies make it look very horsey! Great bag as well!

Anonymous said...

hi! I just wanted to finally speak up, after monthes of reading(!), and say that you are my all-time favourite blogger. Seeing as I spend waaay to much of my life on fashion blogs, this is out of a long list! You're so inspired and happy you always make me feel inspired too. So thank you for being such a super blogger. I'm niether nails nor lipstick..I'm an eyeliner girl! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's such a mix match of darkish colours, I quite like it.

I'm both a nails and lipstick girl, but not at the same time!


EML said...

lauderee? shouldn´t that be laduree? :D

I´m not that much of a pastel kind of person, but I find it quite interesting to see how one can be so inspired by something that doesn´t really appeal to someone else.
and I love the wellies on that girl. There aren´t many people around who are able to pull them of with such non-chalance. and the colour palette is great as well

jill said...

ha! eveline, you're right! whatWAS i thinking? will correct immediately: thank you.

i should explain: i'm not a paster person at all normally, which is why it's strange i'm getting drawn to these more muted versions.. have been formulating posts in my head, it's just hard finding people wearing what i mean.

i don't normally like large amounts of really sugary, bright pastels.

i think i know what you mean: you're trying to keep an open mind, is that right?

christi: thank YOU! your blog is such inspiration! xx

alexis: i looked those essie colours up & they're exactly what i'm loving right now. i can see that grey chinos would be gorgeous with all kinds of pastels/nudes. too bad you're not in london, i'd love to shoot you! i'm kind of desperate to see people on the street with the looks i'm loving now: (granted, i've been wearing pale nudes/whites year round for a few years, but i'm just weird. i have them in warm materials, which helps.

fab in your forties, notjustmedical: thank you. agree re: not @ the same time tho! ; )

and last but certainly not least: anonymous: great big thank you!! so honoured. please come back - you can stay anonymous, i promise, just keep on putting your two cents in. maybe someday you'll tell us your name. xox

EML said...

I just sort of feel like it doesn't really work with what I usually wear. I wear black and white almost religiously and pastels seem to be a rather hard break then. I own a pair of turquoise skinny jeans but they just don't feel right for some reason. I like camel though. I have been wearing it a lot over the last 2 months.

jill said...

Oh, then that's your style, Eveline! That's what's so great about now, I feel. In the past women really were slaves to the 'fashion industry' - the media were some beings out 'there', who weren't us - and they dictated skirt lengths, colours, everything.

Right now - globally - that has changed & I believe we bloggers have a big role in that change. If that doesn't feel right: don't wear it! I'm the same about red: I just cannot wear that colour. I should: I'm a brunette, but I just don't feel right in it.

Actually I've been meaning to do a post last week - based on a crazy beautiful pair of TIGHTS - about why I believe the nail thing has gotten so out of control. And it's because we can wear completely black and white and just have some wonderful colour on our fingertips, and that's enough.

I'll even quote (& link) you! ; )

EML said...

oh I totally get what you mean. and agree a 100%
I love that whole individuality thing! the general public doesn´t really understand it in most cases (like when I bought a pair of blue dries sunglasses)

oh and what i meant to tell you, i was in a museum in zurich this weekend and zurich has quite a good collection of monets. and those lily ponds just reminded me some much of you and your love for pastels. whatever, just had to tell you ;)