Another colour I'm really loving at the moment is lilac. I've got such strong emotions attached to this beautiful flower: it reminds me of childhood, spring, my mom, on such a deeply primitive level. I love flowers that are clusters of smaller flowers, like lilacs, lily of the valley, grape hyacinths, and of course, hydrangeas. I love blue flowers.

I think of lilac as a pinker shade than, say, lavender (another scent I adore), which feels more blue to me. Anyway, this model's scarf feels lilac. It's a sorbet colour in a sense, but you can't eat lilac sorbet, can you? Actually.. what about those wonderful old fashioned, square, chalk like candies? Do they still sell those? Does anyone know what I"m even talking about?

Some shows at London Fashion Week meant the models had to really scramble to get their make-up off. I met this lovely girl in the ladies' loo after a show, and while I got some proper shots of her, I found the top one - when one of the staff accidentally passed by - made a more interesting composition. Maybe that means I'm coming out of my portrait phase.. altho I'm sure it will be back. It feels like a lot of our friends are away right now and whatever holiday you celebrate, hope it's Happy, wherever you are. And of course, let's not forget: Happy April Fish Day!


Style Slicker said...

The 1st photo is beautifully captured Jill.
I'm going to be at Sketchbook shop for Yan To's talk before 1pm, come and listen if you're around....it's going to be interesting :)

the style crusader said...

kit it so right - the first photos is incredible. what a gorgeous girl! love that big knot on top of her head and the colour of the scarf... really beautiful indeed. xx

Pearl Westwood said...

You know what I love, the pastel shade with the fur, you just never see that as fur tends to be winter and pastels summer, but I guess with our odd weather there are no boundaries any more!

Thanks again for your support with the competition, I am so touched that you put it on your FB page, virtual hug xx

The Photodiarist said...

Love the top knot.

charles said...

suddenly lilac is my favorite. i miss the perfume of my childhood. there is just no fragrance when you buy them here. Hopefully will catch some in NY in May.

the candies? where they wrapped in vellum?

UnoCosa said...

i am really in mood for lilac as well!!! spring is totally pick up - so time to pull out those pastel colors!!! btw: love the 2nd pic - it's sooo in the moment! xx

Volga said...

Yes, me too!
Love lilac as a color and lilac bushes. Their smell in June. We have a saying the if you find a 5 petals lilac flower - the small one in a grain where all of them have 4 petals - you have to eat it and it will bring you luck. We did it always because lilac bushes are flowering in the time of school tests.
Anyway also a lot of good emotions by lilac color and bushes.
I think Dior has a nail polish in this color. Very beautiful!!
Nice scarf on the photo.

daniela kate morosini said...

in response to your lovely comment!

you know, i'm really not sure! i'll ask my nonna when i see her later today. mcqueen has obviously left huge shoes to fill, and there's nothing to say that she wouldn't have those ideas independent of him, but you're right, they are quite similar! being given the title of "next mcqueen" is probably a gift and a curse.

my dad is italian, from naples via venice, but my mum's english. we've always lived here, but i don't have english family left save my mum and grandpa, and my upbringing has been 100% italian! haha, i sold them at school for charity, raised about £40! i'm also doing a sponsored fast.


Louise said...

Happy belated Fish Day to you! this post rather made me crave parma violets, and to eat them in a yummy lilac dress

Lorelai Sebastian said...

what a beautiful gir!
love the first pic!
she has an interesting look!

jill said...

Parma Violets!! Thank you, Louise, that's what I'm thinking of.

Charles, I don't know if you'll read this - can't find a comments box for you - but I think what you're thinking of, wrapped in vellum, is either Parma Violets, or a wonderful old round candy - flat - gorgeous very chalky pale pastel colours. When I'm home in the States I can't find them anywhere. The last time I did was while visiting my parents' winter home, in a pharmacy, in the old town of Palm Beach, Florida... Necco Wafers!! That's what they're called.

You're all so lovely, thank you. And - this is so late but Happy Belated Fish Day to you all! xo