may day! may day!

Is it just me: this spring I'm just blown away by the flowers!! Mr. Dot said it's because we had such a cold and rainy few months, but there is just this explosion right now (and it's also making me really sleepy: hay fever). So, I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of May Day, which is this Saturday.

Why have we (globally) stopped celebrating it? If you have a moment, check out the wikipedia definition. How did a pre-Christian, 'pagan', possibly Roman celebration of the goddess Flora (for flowers) somehow morph into the pedestrian, rather masculine (but no less important) Labour Day in many countries?

How did the Maypole somehow transform into pole dancing? How did 'May Day' become synonymous with war, and danger?

Let's bring it back! This saturday, let's dance! Barefoot. Outdoors. And to celebrate, I vow to virtually crown one lucky girl Polka Dot Princess of the Maypole, and perhaps, for the runner up, a role of Attendant. It's not too late: just join my new facebook club, you've been dotted, and follow the easy steps. You don't have to upload your own photo if you're feeling sqeamish about it, just 'like' the ones you do. You can 'like' them all: I do.

Thank you for your lovely comments on yesterday's love love love post (well, thank you all always for your comments, it makes my day, even when it's not May Day). Oh and when I posted this, Mr. Dot said 'you're using those girls a lot, Jill' but they're my Muses. Some of my Muses. Everyone I meet and Dot becomes, in a sense, a Muse. You all inspire me!! xox


Maria Fallon said...

Mayday comes from the French M'aidez (Help me!) but I don't know how the other tranformations came about..

Love Food said...

You're right, I hadn't thought of it but May Day really isn't celebrated anymore and it would be such a lovely thing to bring back.
They should have a May Day festival in Hyde Park with music and may poles and dancing. I'm sure it would be very popular.
I love all these pictures you have taken by the way, they look so natural and both dresses are lovely.
I have just started a new blog, it really isn't very interesting at the moment, I have only done one post, but I will work on it! But anyway, my first post is about spring time outfits which is quite fitting to your May Day post.
(And if it says I deleted a post, was just so I could edit as I forgot to add the link to my blog-looked awful saying 'this post has been removed by the author')
Lydia xxx

Anonymous said...

ha, you tell me! have to stay away from some parts of areas around here! it is definitely war and danger! :/ but we gonna celebrate in style and with love, hehe! always lovely images! such a happy mood! and so romantic and nostalgic in a way!

Lots of love, joy and happiness for May Day!

Pearl Westwood said...

Jill I am being a total retard, I just can't see where to upload my photo :-( help! (or should I say May Day) x

the style crusader said...

may day is still totally amazing in oxford. there are loads of people who all turn out to a big bridge (some jump off and get chastised by the police) and the magdalen boys choir sings at sunrise from a big tower. i have never been... but i'm planning on it this saturday. that is, if i can manage to stay up late enough... or wake up early enough for the sunrise. xx

Sarah said...

Oh my! these pictures are incredible! I'll be updating some pictures to you shortly i'm sure!! xxx


Anonymous said...

And hey, it's not just dancing outdoors on May Day. It's really about fertility so have a little romp in the grass of another kind.

I celebrate Beltaine every year myself...

And that blue dress is one of my favorites ever.

gretchen said...

The high school here is having their Senior Prom on Saturday, May Day. And there is actually a May pole dance of some kind planned for the faux royalty ... hopefully, no fertility rites will be invoked.

Beautiful dresses and girls in this post!

jill said...

; )

If only youtube didn't crash my laptop each time I try to go on it (got to sort that out). I'd love to find a video of the 60s film Camelot, there's this great song with Vanessa Redgrave called The Lusty Month of May - been singing it in my head all day.

Pearl: do you mean you can't upload photos to the facebook club? I think you have to join (i.e. 'like') first. I had set up the first photo album but I think fb doesn't allow people to add to it, but somehow the 2nd group - the album with Jen and Leah in it - seems to have formed from fans. Did you try that?

Everyone can vote of course - once they've signed up. Don't worry, I won't send any annoying unsolicited stuff ; )

Danni and Maria: I think I heard that somewhere. So it's a misunderstanding of the French phrase - just a coincidence. Interesting.

And Lydia don't worry - I guessed it was something like that and was able to delete the delete from my end. Will check out your new blog now! Welcome aboard ; )

Gretchen: can you take photos please?? Maybe upload to a new album on the facebook club & I'll put them into a post here? Just click on the top right button ('facebook'). If you have any problems just get in touch. But especially: have fun on Saturday!

Jen: I'm going to ask Mr. Dot if we can go!!! Then he can maybe meet Mr. Crusader!! The Caped Man himself ; )


Anonymous said...

I forgot about that scene from Camelot! Excellent.



These girls are absolutely gorgeous! Where did you find them?

You can't see pictures like these and not feel all warm and gushy in the spring sunshine....aaah.

Foot Fan said...

Love those SEXY bare feet!!