feels like everywhere is paris in the twenties

Going back in time, but not that far: only to show you our first cupcake convention, at Ella's Bakehouse Cupcakes, in Covent Garden. As she said: 'I love mix of different material and contrasts, the wool harem pants are Helmut Lang, the silk blouse from Zara, jacket from Topshop, scarfs from Zara and H&M and my Alexander Wang bag.'

We shot this almost a month ago when we were still trying to find ways to stay warm but leaning towards spring. (My cupcake, btw, was espresso: divine). Suddenly, we've bypassed that transitional time. So many things I was looking forward to wearing suddenly feel too warm: today in Hyde Park, it was magnificent, but almost a bit too hot for jumpers & things. Everyone - I kid you not, EVERYONE - was in shorts. Shorts and tights and, of course, boots.

Still it wasn't nearly as hot as NY: something like 92 degrees fahrenheit. That's just.. weird. Cathy Horyn @ the NY Times tweeted 'It's going to be a bonkers day for fashion 'cause of the heat. Just saw a woman, professional looking, in peep-toe patent shoes with shorts.' If only she did street shots: she's a fashion literary genius. With a heart.

This is such a great time to be alive! I know I keep saying that, but it's true: it's like an explosion of creative self expression. I feel there have been creative 'hot spots' throughout history: Florence in the Renaissance, of course, and Paris in the 20s, and it feels like that, now, only better, cause we're connected thru this amazing technology. It's like everywhere is Paris in the 20s, and we're all in the same cafe.

Hedvig was trying her first cupcake - not just at Ella's, but EVER (it was banoffee, btw: banana & toffee) and Jennifer and I were both shooting her at the same time. I was laughing so much I shook the camera. When I asked if she minded me posting this, her reply was 'don't eat in front of a camera is my lesson learned, but I have no problem with it to be posted, it's just funny.'


She Wears, She Shares said...

lol, I remember seeing the first image on Style Crusader! She was my very first follower and that I am so thankful for!I am absolutely in love with how you layer nudes. I want every piece you have on....including that cupcake you have in hand! Would love to meet bloggers from London! One day maybe..Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

the outfit is really nice!
i love the boots (:


the style crusader said...

hedvig is so fabulous. she has such a great attitude about things and i still adore her outfit in that first photo. so chic.

love your reference to the renaissance! xx

Rosalind said...

I think I read an article about Ella's Bakehouse in a magazine- is it run by Lorraine Pascal? And thosecupcakes look so scrumptious!
Great outfit here, I really like all the soft colours contrasting with the black trousers - perfect spring wear!
We finally have a bit of sun here now, and I really hope that it lasts - I would like to end my game of 'how many layers can I fit under this cardigan?' Haha.


Anonymous said...

Just realised she's wearing two scarves! I love the way she dresses, I agree, very Parisian.

In reference to that other post, you did an amazing job of photographing them, and it sounds like a great opportunity.

My dissertation's actually going pretty well. I've had my first draft back and a week to edit it, so I can't complain!

Let me know when you have another blogger convention, I'd love to join!


jill said...

shewears: great to hear from you! love your blog, too (btw that's not me: it's my lovely new-ish friend hedvig! just added your blog to usa style (check it out people it's great)

-h: you'd love it but not only that, i really wish you were here: i'd love you to meet these wonderful women you'd all really like each other

thank you yary & sary, will check out your blog soon as i'm back.

roz: that's so weird i sent you an email before i read this. questions coming soon ; )

notjustmedical: if you read this in time: 1:00, ella's bakehouse, TODAY. otherwise, if this is too short notice, email me your details & we'll figure something out. esp if you need a break from editing your dissertation!

email is jill@haybooks.com - it's on my profile. xox

MELISSA Z. said...

I've just discovered your blog and I love it so much!

If you want check out my blog and leave a comment. Thanks a lot.


daniela kate morosini said...

I'M GOING TO PAAAARIS ON SUNDAY :) that is all. no, actually, i love her pirate trousers, i'm considering buying a pair. i love that cupcakes are the dessert du jour, so easy to make x

Style At Every Age said...

She is just too cool....

Style Slicker said...

Hedvig is stunningly beautiful everytime I see her pictures.

Susan said...

she looks cool! and that cupcake looks so yummy :)))

Matthew Spade said...

she is sporting one heck of an outfit

Anonymous said...

OMG! This is gushing Anonymous again, and this is a woman after my heart ~ Alexander Wang is my favourite designer of all time, and her outfit is just...perfection . So subtle, so wonderfully coloured, so chic. When I grow up...I wanna be her! :)