stars and stripes

Emily, being such a star, in another look from our American Apparel shoot last week in Carnaby Street ('together we have a voice').

Together, we do. And we can now use this voice for.. oh, endless possibilities. Thank every single one of you who posted, tweeted, commented, spread the word.. if I haven't personally commented on your blogs on the post you did, apologies: I will. Or please comment again and let me know.

To think: this wasn't even for any particular 'reason' or benefit to you, yet you all got it about our collective voice, and the potential in that. That kind of support.. I'm like an elephant, frankly. I never forget.

Emily is wearing red and black dress by American Apparel, striped leggings, too, and the cardigan and shoes, model's own.


Anonymous said...

very fresh, very young. Its very early 90's as i remember them! xo

Rebecca said...

I love the leggings! And that's saying something, as normally I can't stand the things :p
Have AA got back to you about the response you had from the last post?


Adorngirl said...

loving the campaign, and i've been spreading the word about the polka dot facebook page too. xx

Anonymous said...

fantastic leggings! looking great! hope we can do something similar like last time again! so much fun! thanks! hehe

Unknown said...

This outfit looks so cool. Beautiful post.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I started following you because you are incredible street fashion photographer, but became hooked by your great writing, YOUR strong voice. The fact that you make it a community thing is so heartening. I love checking in and see what you saw. mucho respecto! -Bella Q


Style Odyssey said...

what is going on w/ those leggings...i love them!! i must get a pair. how unusual!
love the new header, J. meant to tell you that the other day when i last commented.
i think i owe you an email reply...suddenly, life has become hectic (but in a good way). i'll be in fla with the dog in a few days. i'll have a few calm days up there, and will get in touch then. wish you were going to be there, too!

Cecylia said...

Those leggings are amazing!

Platform P said...

Emily was so charming in 'real life'. Great shots!


the style crusader said...

these are so cool! for some reason the leggings remind me of that scene from Big where there is that massive keyboard that they jump on and play music. the leggings sorts of look like keys on a piano... ok, random. xx

Leah said...

You know I will give you my support anytime... no questions asked!!!

I love her leggings and her shoes too. She is fabulous.

About the contest, I'm really so excited. One of my friends asked me what's the prize... I said being featured by the best streetstyle blogs in London is a great honor. And you know what my boy told me, 'mom, I saw your post in your facebook page asking your friends to like your photo... isn't that harassment?" Hahaha!

I'll be so busy the whole weekend... I have a couple of wedding shoots so if ever you do the announcement and in case I am the "winner", I may not be able to comment at once. But I really want to win... I want to be dotted. And I want my pics to have that dot logo too. I'm serious!

carlotta said...

beautiful the leggins!!!!you follow?or prefer to do a link exchange?


daisychain said...

She looks phenomenal :)