It feels so long ago now (it was wintry, in fact) when the caped Crusader & I went to the Rare press event and met Almina, who we became instant friends with. We were gushing so much over a pale pink rah rah skirt, like real petals, that she sent us each one! No strings attached, just because. And because we both fell in love with the collection, she knew we'd just have to gush about it.

But she did ask that we have an 'embargo' on the gorgeous clothes we saw that day, and not to post until a certain date, because she promised someone exclusivity. We respected her wishes and soon as it was lifted, Jen did a great post on it, better than anything I could write, so just READ HERS PLEASE. Besides, you can view, and purchase, on their new 'rare opulence' site.

What I find fascinating is how women, clothing, and flowers, are so intrinsically linked. I wonder: when did that start, does anyone know? Ballerinas in skirts just like beautiful flowers.. does it go back to cave days? I mean, Wilma and Betty's leopard print frocks are a bit.. rah rah, don't you think?

What has suddenly brought this into the mainstream, made this accessible, I feel, is technology. Ironic, as technology seems the opposite of nature. Almina said the designer had wanted to do this line ten years ago, but it took this long for laser technology to be ready for her ideas. The details are amazing, especially for the prices.

I know other excellent brands are doing this, affordably, and people were freaking out when, say, H&M's bolero jacket sold out, but trust me: these are just, if not more, beautiful, and besides.. (sorry I can't help myself) they're Rarer.

This is the before shot. It was from our friends' Bob & Karen's wedding, in Connecticutt.. I think my friend Lisa, the original 'Polka Dot' - it was my nickname for her - took it. I was wearing the future Mr. Dot's jacket cause I was cold, over a kind of long two piece 'shirtwaist' nude silk dress that I'd bought not knowing my good friend Barbara's old sister had designed it!

This was a million years and another lifetime ago, and altho I've long since given the dress away, it's funny that I still have the real alligator pumps (bought vintage: my then boyfriend's gay brother and their mum haggled it down on the 25th street NYC fair from $25 to $20 - humiliating! but then again, they were all Texan millionaires and that's their idea of good fun). And unless those are my long lost favourite Vuarnet sunglasses, I do believe they're the same Ray Bans I still wear. And the hair.. my I'm dull, style wise.

Flowers, and colouring, added by Mother Nature, in photoshop. I did it a few years ago, actually, but my taste in these kind of colours hasn't changed. And I hope my love of floral concepts in clothing will never wane. It's a bit of a long winded post, but in light of tomorrow's May Day, it feels only fitting.

Any fun plans for the weekend? We're staying in town, more or less, but tomorrow I'm looking forward to going to Oxford, and seeing if they really do anything wacky for May Day. So if you're Oxford-centric, watch out: you, too, could be dotted.

Oh btw: I'm giving everyone til midnight tomorrow to choose the First Annual Polka Dot Princess of the May Pole, so you can still vote on 'you've been dotted': just go to fan photos and click 'like' on the ones you.. like.


Love Food said...

I adore the colours you've stuck to on this post. I particularly like the colour of the green dress in the third picture.

Lydia xxx


the style crusader said...

jill that first photo is SERIOUSLY cracking me up to no end. i love your expression in the photo! xx

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

thank-you for your lovely comment! luckily i haven't yet caught the fever many people i know have got, it's just that i lack so much confidence it really does ruin many of my days. i am feeling a lot better now, though :)

oh, yes! what a brilliant idea, i would love to come. of course i will be extremely nervous, but it would be great fun! i'm also a member of the v&a which means me and guest can go into exhibitions for free, so it would save you, or somebody else, paying!

have a lovely bank holiday! love, jazzabelle. xxx

Style At Every Age said...

I love the stuff from the Rare Opulence collection. It is a brand my daughters wear but the new stuff is quite costly, for their age range anyway.

Cecylia said...

You nearly fooled me with the first photo!

LittleRachael said...

Fantastic post, I have a love affair with floral concepts too! I love that last skirt!

Please take 5 to have a look at me blog? :)

Anonymous said...

Jill your photoshop is surreal:) And the original picture is such a Jackie O attitude:) LOVE IT!
As for the shots of Rare's line... SOOOOO Romantic.. the colours are beautiful...

Adorngirl said...

I thought the first pic was the actual skirt great photoshopping. Now if only in real life we could draw, and our dream outfits would instantly appear by the click of a button...

Altered Spaces said...

Jill you look divine! beautiful very pale peach(?)petal dress

boy und schwester said...

I absolutely love that rose petal skirt in the first picture! Is it for sale too?