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Been thinking about what a strong response the fur issue brings out in people: it's so primitive to love the feel of fur (I could happily pet my cat all day) and yet I also feel revulsion at the thought of killing these gentle creatures for fashion. My rule of thumb is, vintage is okay because they're already dead, but faux is better. Where do you stand on the debate?

And why don't we feel the same way about leather? Or do we? Is the logic that it's a big cow which is being killed anyway for meat? I've heard that, but I wonder if it isn't something else... have we become de-sensitized to leather but not to fur? Apart from flip flops & sneakers, everything on my feet is leather (or suede, which is the same thing). When I see a black motorcycle jacket, I just don't associate it with a sweet, doe eyed cow. Is it like with eating fish fingers (fish sticks) vs a whole trout: if it's geometrically shaped, it never swam about?

And what about plants? I'm so sad if a house plant dies (Mr. Dot & I once drove all the way to Brighton to try to save our bonsai - in an ice storm), yet I'm blithely eating fruits & vegetables.. not to mention all the sugar cane, coffee beans, and shafts of wheat that give their lives so I may live.

I'm just throwing these thoughts out there... oh and posting two shots from Camden market. And both these coats are vintage, by the way. Fur what it's worth.


Leah said...

That's a food for thought... why don't we regard leather in the same way as fur? Maybe because there are abundant sources of leather out there. We can source leather from cows (and there are a lot of them), hogs, goats.

Anyway, about the bonsai, I too have a collection of bonsais which I treat like my babies. I even go through the tedious process of repotting them one by one. And yet I love to eat fruits and veggies. Such contradictions... let's just smile and enjoy life. Have a great weekend Jill!

dot said...

Touche! ; )

That's the conclusion I've come to: all creatures, great & small, must consume other creatures to survive. The PC mentality has a lot to answer for. Thanks & you have a great weekend, too, Leah!

Pearl Westwood said...

This is always gonna be a tough subject, but for me personally, I do not agree with fur due to the fact that the animals are pretty much tortured for it, such as mink kept in tiny box-like cages, unlike cows and sheep which are treated really well on farms. Even PETA who will always give the extream side of things doesnt argue with that.
On the other hand I am totally guilty of plant mistreatment, they die if I so much as look at them. x

Rosalind said...

Thats a very interesting debate, and one that I was actually talking about today! I was in a vintage clothes shop today and found myself absent mindedly stroking the very soft furs in the corner.
My belief is that vintage fur is fine as the animal died a long time ago and otherwise it would be wasteful. Whereas, I do not agree with modern fur as by buying that you're supporting a trade that is still keeping and killing animals for fur today. Faux is always a good way to go too..
For example (or should that be 'fur example'?), my mum has a vintage fur stole that is kept at the back of her wardrobe but is brought out occasionally. I personally think it's a beautiful piece of clothing, and it is at least 50 years old (if not older.) It's literally an heirloom- it being my great grandmothers.
Thanks for raising the debate!
And also thankyou for not one, but two lovely comments!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Faux fur only for me. The way they make it nowadays it looks real anyway - sans the guilt! :)

Taylor said...

I had to groan at the pun. hehe

Susan said...

I am not a fan of real fur but have no problem with vintage items. wouldn't wear them though.
have a lovely day, xoxo

Anonymous said...

I'm a fur girl. I wear vintage because it's what I can afford. However if I had the money I wouldn't think twice about buying a new fur.
I know that yes, some fur farming is inhumane, but no more so than the way some animals are slaughtered for meat.
I think that if someone is going to refuse to wear fur for ethical reasons/ moral reasons then I can only really respect that if they don't wear leather, eat meat etc as well. Otherwise they are just hypocrites

Tracy said...

I think about that a lot too, when someone doesn't want to kill a spider or another bug or animal. It's like, so it's mean to kill the spider, but not a chicken cow or fish? I don't know where I stand on it either, I just go about in blissful ignorance, as I feel a bit of remorse in my belly

jill said...

Touche, Tracy. Well put!

I'll dive into a pool to save a struggling bug (granted, I love to swim anyway) but I cherish even the smallest lives.. except moths. I hate those little moths cause they eat my sweaters: I figure it's us, or them.

My dad tho always said that spiders were 'good bugs' cause they killed the bad bugs (in hindsight, that's weird: so they're basically murderers) but I really do go out of my way to save spiders.

And then I'll eat meat, feel a bit guilty, and try to put it out of my mind. I'm such a hypocrite. Thanks for commenting.