Less than 20 minutes ago, we were on the landing coming down the stairs at the big Cineworld on Fulham Road (all of London, by the way, is a ghost town: even Shoreditch is pretty quiet, but that cinema was absolutely packed). I saw a girl with great style - small, with wonderfully Botticelli curly hair, in light pink I think - she & her friends were on their way up as we were on our way down, having just seen Sherlock Holmes.

I asked her, 'Did I shoot you at London Fashion Week?' Apparently I did. She'd lost the card, I hadn't asked her name, and I had simply called the post 'lace'. Her name, it turns out, is Grace.

As we drove home, I was thinking about images I've seen the past few days over Christmas: snow, in Herefordshire, perhaps the first time I've ever seen it there: I mean, magically covering everything, the village, the countryside, the ancient gravestones on the church on top of the hill.. the light coming in during Christmas service, reflecting on the gold and brass.. a girl in the ladies' room of one of the pubs Christmas Eve, with great little black booties and a kind of sparkly Christmas wreath brooch on her coat.. all these images that I did not photograph. Just memories.

Sometimes the most beautiful images are the ones we can't share. But perhaps they're more vivid that way.


The Photodiarist said...

Love her look - such a classic in a way - leather and lace!

Anonymous said...

I love the lipstick colour on her skin tone. Also, I agree with the above, it is a never-failing classic combination, except I still can't warm up to the holes in tights look.


Amanda said...

Isn't it amazing how you run into people more than once in a city like London?

And I like what you said about beautiful images. I am not a good photographer, and it saddens me when a picture I take does not reflect the magical feeling I felt when I first saw the subject. But I have them in my mind.

Thanks for sharing, as always.

Maria Tavares said...

How cool is that jacket?! Love it :D

Anonymous said...

I love her. Suites her well.

sofiasophie said...

her eyes.....

Rosalind said...

Love the lace top that she's wearing, it looks vintage to me. And isn't it funny how the world works like that? You can just bump into people in the most rando of places..
I'm glad you enjoyed herefordshire, and I can definitely agree on it's beauty!
Thanks for yet ANOTHER wonderful comment. I love the way that small things such as brooches can transform an ordinary jumper too, and your photos of some red shoes sound very interesting! I really doreccomend the film, it is so completely beautifully shot. Almost like a moving photo? If that makes sense? I know that technically is what a film is, but it just has a very vintage photographic feel to it.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Her style is amazing! The juxtaposition between girly and grunge is just stunning. Love! You always find the most spectacular subjects for your shoots!! :)

Susan said...

I love her look!
have a sweet day, darling.