a hard day's night

It was Friday at rush hour, and Camden High Street was transforming in the twilight: couples heading out for the night, or, in the case of these two, just meandering thru shops together. I had had a long and very lucrative day street shooting, and, realising I didn't have time to stop home & change before we went out, and not wanting to wear my naturally distressed jeans, I popped into an American Apparel & bought my best investment this fall: black thermal leggings: my current uniform (see motel rocks, I'm wearing them there).

On the way out, I saw this lovely woman, on her way home from work at MTV. (In my NYC days, I worked with a wonderfully creative & charismatic - & sytlish! - animator, Eli Noyes, Jr, doing MTV animation & music videos). As exhausted as we both were, she still patiently posed for shot after shot, holding still as she could. In the darkening twilight, I just couldn't get a shot that wasn't blurry. In fact, knowing how it drives Mr. Dot mental.. well, I"m posting the blurriest of the bunch & calling it art!

Then I dragged her into the shop for one last attempt at a sharp shot. Posting these shots together to show two variations on the black jacket, which is so hot this season, it's cool. (In fact, black leather motorcycle jackets, especially with studs are pretty much in the classic category by now, and a definite wardrobe staple).

Thank you for your comments on the fur real debate. And I hope it's sharp enough for you to see what I love about this look, the studs on her belt, jacket, grey suede cuban heel booties, and the print on her dress & fabulous texture to that great big gorgeous hand bag. All from 'nowhere special' which, to her, means shops like River Island and Russell & Bromley. Not too shabby, as my friend Daniel would say.

Then less than 5 minutes later, inside the tube, I met this girl with her brother. Another great look with a black leather jacket, making it three in under an hourl

Leaving you with one little treat, from me to you. Worth hitting play, even if only for the first chord, which has become an iconic and nearly impossible to recreate element of rock and roll. The Beatles, by the way, before Brian Epstein got them into matching suits & their iconic Fab Four, were totally black leather motorcycle jackets, pompadours and winkle pickers, in their early Berlin days. And with that, I'm signing off.


Leah said...

Mrs DOT, I was laughing when you said you posted the blurriest of the bunch and called them art. No one will question that, you are the photographer and if you call it art then that is art.

Possibly Soon to be Ex Mrs. Dot said...

Yeah, well he's having root canal done AS WE SPEAK. Might have to take that part down before he comes home.. he's kind of my Henry Higgins ; )

Thanks for visiting. Will go see your blog now..

Leah said...

Hahahaha! You will be in big trouble.

I remember this quote: one photo out of focus is a mistake, a few is an experiment but a lot is what you call style.

I already have kids, two teenage boys.

Leah said...

Wait, I just noticed this now and I almost fell off my chair laughing *possibly soon to be ex Mrs Dot*. Show Mr Dot the quote.

Not for too much longer Mrs. Dot said...

You're kidding! You look like a teenager yourself. Isn't it funny how we can be such a range of ages, but as 'blog-friends' our age is irrelevant. I mean, look at my friend Roz (of clothes, cameras and coffee) - she's a very grown up 14.

Yeah, I'm in BIG trouble. He already refers to me as 'the current Mrs. Adams.' ; ) Well, the dentist is way across town, I figure I still have a good hour of marital bliss left.

Leah said...

Hello again Not for too much longer Mrs Dot, I have a lot of blog friends who's the same age as my boys. Hahaha! Well, age is just a number. Good luck and I wish you all the best with Mr Dot. (And I'm still laughing while I'm typing that last line.)

Yoshi said...

Jill! <3 I've been posting comments but for some reason they never seem to go through! (Hopefully this one does)

The studded biker jacket rocks and the girl in the tube has boots to kill for! xxx Hope to see you around and bump into you soon! xoxo

daisychain said...

these are so fabulous!

Style Odyssey said...

I am LOL at the witty comments between you and Leah! Too funny. :D

The MTV woman- I want her whole outfit!!! I'd even settle for the motorcycle jacket. She totally owns that look. As for the blurry pic, I like that you posted the clear one next to the blurry photo, side by side just like that. Do more of these! They're fab.

Sorry I've been out of touch lately; family here, and I am either busy, exhausted, or both! I'm not complaining in the slightest, though- it's all fun, happiness, and holiday cheer around here! I'm a lucky girl...or lady. Age is just a number, right? :)))

Susan said...

awww, I want that bag! :))
have a lovely day, xoxo