herve's angels

This is Rachel, trying on Jourdan Dunn's Herve Leger asymmetrical dress that she donated to Topshop's recent Dress Me Up charity event. She had stopped in with her lovely friend Amanda (Rachel works 'in the air' - air travel - which is fitting, given her wings in this shot, from a feather cape on a coat stand.)

One shoulder dresses are all the rage on & off the catwalk, it seems. I'm not excited about them all - to me, it depends on the dress - but something about these colours.. I'm just such a Herve girl!

We had been talking about body image, and the recent thing with the Kate Moss quote. While I know I'm not fat, still, had to tell them the story of how the first time I came to the Dress Me Up thing to shoot, the Topshop girls had said why don't I try something on? I chose the teeniest tiniest frock of them all (i.e. this dress). I mean, what was I thinking, trying to squeeze myself into a dress worn by the 2008 model of the year?

I was in the dressing room with Denise outside offering to help, while I was inside trying to zip the thing up, scared I'd rip it. As I zipped up, the dress was somehow squeezing my flesh up. So basically, under my arm pit was hanging this Alien like creature that had previously been my torso. It scared the shit out of me and I just did this quick self portrait, semi zipped. Besides, I was swearing with fear & afraid I was going to stink up the dress. Not that I've got a bad self image, but my arms look huge to me, what was once my B cup breasts are gone, and my stomach is now sticking out more than my butt. Now, in hindsight, I regret not zipping it all the way up, as apparently, once it's on, all those problems magically go away. But I was too freaked out at the time.

HOWEVER, I do love how this fits Rachel. It's funny how at first, she was all self critical, too, about the parts she thinks are all wrong, but after a while, she started to have fun. That's the thing about wearing a real Herve Leger: at first, it's a shock, it's scary, but then, you start to think: hey, I'm not all that bad, after all.


The Fashion Cloud said...

Great post, amazing dress.
Thanks for sharing



StyleSpy said...

This fall I bought a BCBG version of a Leger bandage skirt (BCBG own Hervé Leger now -- Leger himself now designs under the name Hervé Leroux) and am ongoingly shocked at how much I love that thing. I need several more of them...

Bisous Natasha said...

she looks great! would love to try on a Herve Leger sometime in my life. ;-)

Style Odyssey said...

omg, J, this is too funny, your description of trying on that unforgiving but pretty dress!! i think i would have felt just like you did, freaking at the thought of zipping it all the way, afraid of both how i'd finally look in it, and of the risk of ripping it!

interesting how one's body self-image can change slightly, just by trying on a dress, as both you and rachel can attest to.

but seriously, one surely must need to be skinny-skinny to fit into that dress because i know you are super slender.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Rachel is absolutely stunning! Oh, how I love Herve Leger! :)

jill said...

Thank you all for your comments. Mz. Spy, I didn't know that! I was wondering why, somewhere, I saw a Herve Leroux as well as Leger.. might have been on net a porter. DUH. Never occurred to me. It's funny cause a few months ago I did a whole post on BCBG as a phrase but didn't know there was a fashion line. Do you know what it means?

Stephanie: how's it going? Still have family as guests? Is that thru Christmas? Just posted some rock shots on my other blog from the Baths, thought of you. ; )

snoblak, fashion cloud: thanks for visiting, will check out your blogs very soon! Same with you, E ; )

Susan said...

she's cute :)

adrielleroyale said...

Oh I really like this dress! She is beautiful too, she wears it perfectly. I love the lines in the dress, so flattering :)

Fashion Tidbits said...

holy crap that dress sounds scary putting on! it looks beaut but....geez