motel rocks @ the V&A

I met Jess (blonde) & Laura (brunette) at the Victoria & Albert Museum my first day out with The Coat (see previous post, if you don't mind, or this won't make any sense. And for those of you who have, I'd only be repeating myself). I'd have wanted to shoot them regardless, as they are friends with such different looks & styles, both equally great. Turns out they were game to take the Great Motel Challenge.

One thing I love about the V&A (there's just so much I love) is it's got so many facets to it, so many wonderful places & exhibits, and yet they kinda leave you alone. I mean, we just took over a large marble staircase for a few minutes for a photo shoot, and no one stopped us.

Jess & Laura are studying fashion and art at university, and especially studying something I thought they called 'foundations'. I didn't understand them at first and thought it was yet another American/Brit thing but that's what they meant: Ladies Undergarments.

Note Laura's underwear as outerwear thing going on, (the slip dress is a lucky find, from shopping her mum's closet), in my favourite crisp combo of navy, black, white, bits of gold, and pearls. Lots o' pearls. Oh so Chanel with a twist.

And Jess has a bit of a Edie Sedgwick/Agyness Deyn pre-black hair look, don't you think?

(faux fur leopard print coat, Motel. Everything else, models' own).


Style Odyssey said...

you can keep posting people wearing leopard prints, and i will NEVER tire of it!
i love this.
the V&A seems such a great place to people watch- oh, right, and they have neat museum stuff, i'm sure, too. ;)

. said...

i love this idea of the Great Motel Challenge! It's great to see how such a versatile pattern can enhance so many different looks. Both girls look like they're having a lot of fun; I can't wait to see who else is up for the Challenge! :)

Cristi Silva said...

very beautiful and wild!

the style crusader said...

this is such a fun idea!!

the style crusader said...

p.s. i think they should give you that coat after doing so much promotion for them!

Leah said...

They are both gorgeous. Laura's underwear thingy suits the leopard print coat so much.

fiifiiiiiiiiiiii said...

can you mention the stephen webster malaria no more rings.....currently on sale at asos and ebay!

dot said...

fi999: sure thing, can you send me the link so readers can get there directly? thanks

Leah: thanks on Jess & Laura's behalf. Yeah, I thought the same thing about her slip/skirt.

style crusader: I know! ; ) But that's the whole point: I asked as a loan and they were so great about it, and I've seen other UK bloggers talk alot about 'they sent me a sample' & I feel it takes away from the integrity of reporting honest opinions.

That said: TO THE TWO CHRIS's (Bailey, and Kane) if you feel your brands could use a good shout out, I'm a medium/small, send me anything you'd like!

Dejana • shopsterium.com said...

love the layered pearls, and her bracelets, too!
I'm following your blog, looking forward to new posts.

Susan said...

gorgeous! love the pearls :)

mtg said...

lovely girls, fun pictures. cute!