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I saw Vafa outside our favourite supermarket, Sainsbury's. I liked her look, altho I'm not really keen on jeans and boots at the moment. Probably because I'm so into black riding boots with black leggings with everything. And it wasn't the leopard print, which, I'm not kidding, I'm seeing on every single woman I see. It was just her face: she just exuded niceness.

While I was shooting her, I asked a bit about where she's from, where she got that bag, those shoes. She was really shy, really modest & sweet, and (this is the embarrassing part) she said either Kazakhstan, or Uzbekistan, which if anyone has seen West Wing knows, is quite different (I've even looked them up on wikipedia: yup. Very different). And I can't remember which one!

Then I asked where she got her bag: Dolce & Gabanna. I mean, look at the workmanship on this thing: there's even little copper links, along with the silver! I'm just so used to admiring things people wear and it's all Topshop this, Zara that, or H&M, or from a charity shop for £5.. this answer kind of stunned me. Confused, I asked if she works in the fashion industry (she doesn't). So I asked where her boots are from. Jimmy Choo. Oh, okay. I just didn't dare ask about anything else.

They look EXACTLY identical to the pair of vintage Anne Klein boots I wore literally to bits. I had loved them so much: no one wore thigh high boots at the time, apart from professional girls on the beat. They used to fall down and bag around my ankles, which, along with bare legs and little dresses, gave a great kind of girly look. It was so my style, and felt.. special. Damn, I miss those boots.

Thinking further about the comments on the girly girl post: none of the bloggers I've gotten to know seem remotely high maintenance, no matter how girly their styles. (And let's face it: there is nothing more unattractive to a guy, than a high maintenance woman. It's not a question of grooming: if they're 'high maintenance' emotionally, men will run a mile). It may seem a contradiction but, as a group, style bloggers are pretty switched on & low maintenance. True style icons don't spend hours looking in the mirror & checking their looks, and they're definitely not divas.

It's like that great quote by Gore Vidal: 'Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.'


Eveliina said...

I so agree vith Gore!

Mom Fashion World said...

she has one of those contagious smiles that caught my attention.
i love her sweet face.

btw, i adore your blog so much. you have an interesting blog compare to other streetstyle photographer bloggers which they only post photos without any photo description or sharing to us readers how did the photoshoot go.

The Photodiarist said...

The purse is beautiful, Jill.

Ana Frost said...

So fashion!
Have a nice week :-)

Pearl Westwood said...

Ah Jill we share a love of over knee suede boots, I am currently on my third pair, my first pair were vintage, they only seem to have appered on the high street in the last year or so. Mine wrinkle down too! A happy face makes any outfit (and a D&G bag can help too) x

Unknown said...

I like your blog, very cute!!!!

Good Girls Studio said...

Great quote!

Style Odyssey said...

excellent post. i am always saying that here, but i can't help it. :)
her outfit looks to be a very successful mix of high and low. i am mesmerized by that handbag! it would magically go with everything!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog!! I also live in central London and I think you capture London style really well. :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I truly adore the simplicity of her style - I think that is precisely what makes it so fabulous!! :)

Anonymous said...


Susan said...

love those boots!
have a sweet day, xoxo